The ANTS Story

ANTS started out, like most startups, with a philosophy and a vision. Across all the uncertainty and loopholes, we at ANTS were certain about two things. The first was our vision of making the digital world reachable, easy and inclusive for everyone and the second, our name and philosophy – ANTS.

We knew from the moment we signed up for this rollercoaster ride of building something from scratch that the ANTS brand has to stand for certain values. Like an army of ants, our team marches together, isn’t intimidated by the size of the workload and believes in sharing successes and failures.

We also knew from the very beginning that this team of ANTS to work towards a common mission – Digital for All. Our digital training courses – from digital marketing to digital clubs for children to digital literacy for senior citizens – represent a space where nobody is left out of the benefits of digital technology. Our consultancy work is also based on the same vision – whoever you are and whatever your digital problem maybe, we’re here to provide effective solutions.

The ANTS Philosophy

 If you’ve ever witnessed an army of ants, they have distinguished characteristics. They are doers! Ants don’t worry about the problem, they focus on the solution. Even when they face an obstacle, they work their way around it and figure a way out. They never give up and also help fellow ants who lose their way.

Since they are always prepared for any task they deal with situations with a positive outlook and give it their best.

In the real world, we take our inspiration from ants and believe that we must resolve problems or finish tasks with all our might and not fear stumbling blocks. Just like ants, we believe in team work being the key to the overall team’s growth.

The ANTS Colony

The culture and work ethic of ANTS flows from here. Clichéd as it sounds, we’re always trying to make sure that our learning programmes are fun but thorough, and our consultancy clients become our friends even in a short span of time. When you join one of our programmes or opt for our services, you’re becoming part of the ANTS team and culture.




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