Amazon Launchpad Store: A great platform for startups to sell crowd-funded products

imageAmazon Launchpad Store: A great platform for startups to sell crowd-funded products

Amazon has launched a new platform for startups to advertise and distribute their products directly to millions of customers through the Amazon Launchpad Store. Now, startups will be able to offer their gadgets to members of Amazon Prime, the retailer’s popular $99 per year subscription service.
With this initiative, Amazon has eased the process of showcasing startup products and omitted the cumbersome procedure of dealing with retailers and consumers.
Startups can now use this opportunity to expand globally and customers can discover unique products from across the world.

Make your local business more visible with Google’s new Map Ads

imageGoogle Map Ads can now help your local business to get more visibility and drive more traffic to your physical location. These ads are designed specially to give more opportunities to feature brands to consumers searching on a mobile device. One can now become visible to customers and rank locally using Google’s new search ads particularly on mobile with the following:
1. Promoted Pins through which marketers can buy ad space and show up on the top two spots (above organic ranking). The ‘promoted pin’ used will be the company’s logo.
2. In-Store Promotions, which make one visible to people driving or in your area of business.
3. Local Inventory to customize business pages and increasing physical                                                                                     visits to the store.

imageGoogle launches Indie- a gaming festival in September 2016

Google is launching an Indie gaming festival in September 2016 in San Francisco to encourage developers to showcase “high quality” games that are both innovative and fun.
One can now submit creative games released in 2016 and showcase talent not just from the mobile gaming industry but also for virtual reality platforms like Tango and Cardboard.
In sync with this gaming festival, Google has launched a new                                                                                                       section on Google Play Store called “Indie Corner” which                                                                                                               highlights some of the best games on the platform.

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