Amazon Virtual Desktop Workspace is available for Startups now:

imageAmazon Virtual Desktop Workspace is available for Startups now

Amazon is rolling out a new way of business to use its cloud based virtual desktop service called Amazon Workspace. Startups can now choose to pay and use Amazon’s workspaces on an hourly basis.
To manage these desktops, one can use the existing active directory by setting up an Amazon virtual private cloud with a hardware virtual private network connection to your on-premises environment.
Amazon claims that their approach is more affordable than the traditional virtual desktop infrastructure in comparison to Citrix and VMWare.

imageFive ways to create a landing page with zero clutter, zero friction and zero hurdles to conversion

1. Avoid multiple offers on one landing page: 48% of landing pages contain multiple offers. These multiple offers can decrease conversions by 266%.
2. Make loading time lightning fast: Every one-second delay in page response decreases the conversion rate by 7%. Use Google speed insights to check website speed.
3. Ditch carousels and sliders even if they are aesthetically pleasing: Since research shows that only 1% visitors click on the feature.
4. Make contact information readily available: For maximum productivity, contact information should be displayed on top of the landing page.
5. Use testimonials effectively: Hammering the home page with testimonials add value to your product and service. Adding a video increases conversion rate by 86%

An abrupt end to Google Chrome Apps

If you’re a game developer working on the Google Chrome app version of a game, you might need to change your course.
Vice President of Product management, Rahul Roy- Chowdhury, reports that after 3 years, the Google Chrome app is discontinuing its services for Windows, Mac and Linux. However, it will continue to surface extensions and themes till mid-2017.
While this is a rather abrupt end, as capabilities of the web continue to grow, there is an element of excitement to see what developers build next.

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