ANTS Digital: leading the way for Cyber Kids in India

ANTS Digital provides a Platform for kids to learn Game Coding, Website Development and Creative Tools 

ANTS Digital understands the importance of delivering a training course for children that capture’s their imagination while teaching them the concepts of coding.  In addition, we make them digitally equipped and future ready.

Here’s a problem all parents are facing these days: our children are on the phone or computer all the time watching videos and playing games.

Kids today to understand how digital technology works, but wouldn’t it be better if the kids focus was on how to make these videos, edit them and understand how to code and create the games?  Imagine the satisfaction of seeing the end product.

ants digital

A platform for kids to learn Game Coding, Website Development & Creative Tools

In the ANTS Digital for Kids program, we teach coding, creative tools and advanced cyber skills to children between the ages of 6-15 years. From game coding to website development to Photoshop, our team of young entrepreneurs and professional coders teaches children in three digital clubs – namely The Coding, Creative and Cyber Clubs.  We cater to every child’s interests through each of the three clubs and customised courses.

In the CODING CLUB, kids learn to code and create web based and mobile based games. They also learn to upload them on Google Play Store.

The CYBER CLUB is a programme that enables children to create their own websites using HTML and CSS coding languages. It also covers important features like Bootstrap.

Does your child yearn for her moment of fame?  Then the CREATIVE CLUB is the way forward.  Kids learn to work with different creative tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and many more.  There’s no doubt your child will enhance their creative streak!

At ANTS Digital, each child is given personal attention to nurture his/her potential, and the course content is not diluted for children but is taught in a child-friendly manner.  In addition, each child is given personal attention to nurture his or her potential.

You can read more about the Clubs here.


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