ANTS Digital turns One

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Team ANTS Digital celebrated one year of its establishment on the fifth of December. The day was marked with a special lunch arranged for the children of Desire Society – an institutional care home for the children abandoned and orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

The celebration extends to all as ANTS Digital partners with SHEROES and invites those interested to join their free seminar on Digital Marketing. The seminar will focus on providing the necessary start to all who wish to begin their journey in the online startup space.

Team ANTS welcomes all the budding entrepreneurs on the 10th of December, 10 am onwards to ANTS Digital, 401, 4th Floor, Solitaire Plaza, M.G Road, Next to Guru Dronacharya Metro Station Gurgaon. Follow the link to book your seats.

Data Driven Strategy in Content Marketing  


• Search and Social Data: Use available tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to start and understand your customer’s preferences about what they like, share and search for before creating the content.
• Creative Tools: It’s important to experiment with the format of content in order to understand whether posting a blog is more advantageous or a video clipping.
• Social Listening: Keep into consideration all that good/bad being spoken about your product and try to incorporate the insights.
• Number Crunch: Do not let big numbers overshadow creativity in your content. Content which is full of data tends to lose the human element.
• Distribution: Distribution of content is more important than creating the content. Explore many platforms.

Gamification Eliminates Boredomimage

Game players today have gone beyond the sphere of entertainment and entered the education system.

Various platforms today have come up with a point and level system. The more a user watches the educational video resources and participates in the question–answer sessions and discussions, the higher his level rises.

Textbook methods can often get monotonous and kill one’s thirst to learn. Gamification offers instant gratification in such cases. Completion of a task is rewarded with points as opposed to end of term examinations.

It also addresses the human behavioral patterns and in addition to that incentivizes the learning process. Each person is different and gamification helps address individual needs of learning as per their potential.

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