ANTS trains Senior Citizens for Digital Inclusion

ANTS trains Senior Citizens for Digital Inclusionsenior-citizens.png

Team ANTS in collaboration with Samarth Community brought learning and smiles to the members of the Second Innings Day Activity Centre in Gurgaon.

The team helped them learn how to use their smart phones to search for information using basic apps and thereby helping them to learn the basic things that no one has the time or takes the effort to teach them.

You may follow the link to know more about the Digital for Seniors program:

Gamification for Employee Engagementimage

Developers of gamified apps have applied the science of video games to help people get inspired to achieve things they aren’t as keen to get done. Fitbit is one popular example of this concept.

Research shows that when employers implement gamification elements into their workplace, employees’ productivity can increase by up to 40%..

Gamification in a work environment is a definite step up for employee engagement. It also prevents boredom from setting into mundane tasks of recording milestones, employee appraisals and the likes.

Tips to create a successful Email Marketing Campaignimage

• Segment your email list: Create meaningful groups on the basis of prospective customers, loyal customers, lost customers, etc and constantly update their current status. This helps in keeping the campaigns targeted and relevant.
• Personalized experiences: Technology today allows us to craft and send personal automated messages based on consumer behavior which proves to be highly engaging.
• Email for mobile devices: Over 50% people rely on smartphones to check their mails. Always keep the subject line under 40 characters so that it can be read before opening the mail.
• Don’t spam it: Sending an email or two in a week is sufficient to convey your messages.
• Intriguing content: Companies have started using animated gifs, which derive strong engagement and positive response.

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