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  • 10 tips to use Pinterest for your business

    Have you been wondering how to use Pinterest for your business? If your business sells on visuals (actually all businesses must get more visual in today’s times), then here are 10 tips to use Pinterest for your business and how best to leverage the platform.

    What could be your business objectives with Pinterest as a platform?

    Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to your website, increase footfalls to your store, and to increase visibility of your products and brand with not just the consumers but influencers too.

    In this blog, you will find 10 tips you can use to make Pinterest work for your business.

    pinterest for your business

    1. Add a ‘save button’ to your images

    The on-hover Save button appears over images when a user move his mouse over them. You can use it on a blog or website images to help you drive engagement. It is also a great way to get your content to Pinterest which further helps drive traffic through other Pinterest users, who discover your board. These are very effective call-to-action buttons.

    The only flip side is that this button does not work on touchscreens. So, yes, it’s your call.

    You may want to check out how to activate this button here.

    2. Build relationships with influencers

    Pinterest is a great place to find influencers who already have a huge follower base. You can start by following them, repinning their content, taking the time to share meaningful comments.

    This could be a good first step in building a relationship with your influencers and can really help you get that visibility with new audiences.

    3. Add a business page

    Pinterest allows you to add a business page just like Facebook. Make one for your business today. It may not appear any different from a personal page but it allows you to personalise it for your business. You can then use analytics to tell the number of unique users, number of re-pins, impressions and website visitors and more.

    4. Add specific boards relating to your business

    You may create a number of business-specific boards with names around your business. You may also create a few boards that are not directly related to your business but indirectly lead your target audience to your business. Just select a few themes and create boards, start pinning images that are visually attractive and aligned with the board theme. I would suggest that you should initially not aim to sell, rather just aim to inspire your users.

    5. Include keyword in board names

    Just like any other online content, it is advisable for Pinterest board names to contain keywords to get higher placements in search results. The boards that have the keyword in the board name itself is more discoverable in Pinterest’s search results. This is an effort towards making your boards found.

    6. Name the images to suit search engines

    I suggest naming your images with keywords. Also include hyphens between words but do not use underscores. This way search engines are better able to recognize the image name. For example, use a name such as ‘birthday-party-hats.png’ instead of the default camera name such as DSC_0523.jpg.

    7. Optimize your Pinterest content for SEO

    Where there is content, there is also an opportunity to optimize it for search engines. It holds true for any content you share on Pinterest too. You may begin with choosing an optimized company username, optimizing the About and Pin Description content with keywords, use descriptive file names and alt text, including links back to your website, incorporate hashtags, ride on search terms and images that generate traffic.

    8. Use Different Types of Content

    Pinterest is not all about images only. Go ahead and post different types of content—videos, infographics, slideshows, sound clips. Just ensure that you share information that is of interest to your target audience. People want snackable content. Share content that is easy and small.


    9. Keep Your Pins Inspiring

    Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration. People come to Pinterest and get dazzled with what they see there. They come looking for references to draw, paint, write, cook, decorate, et al. So go ahead and share pins that your target audience will enjoy and pin it. Link it to your business in an interesting way. For example, if you sell party supplies, the share party pictures, quick party snacks, party decorations and use the supplies that the business sells.

    10. Explore Rich Pins

    pinterest for your business

    Just like Google’s Rich Cards, you can add more information to a pin through Pinterest’s Rich Pins. Pinterest has five types of rich pins that allow you to add topic-specific details to a pin. These are    Article pins, Product pins, Recipe pins, Movie pins and Place pins. Each pin allows you to add information specific to the category. I recommend using rich pins to give users more relevant information about the pins that interest them.

    If you are still wondering if Pinterest right for your business, here’s my view.

    Social media platforms are a crowded place today, but we also see target audiences exploring newer and more visual platforms. In that respect, Pinterest is definitely in the reckoning. It is an effective tool for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It can help you meet your branding, engagement and conversion goals.

    Pinterest analytics will surely help you justify your business’ presence and give you insights about areas that you can tap into.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Pinterest, you can contact us for a demo.

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