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  • 9 Types of Corporate Films That Help Create Brand Distinction | Compelling Storytelling

    “Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.”

    Robert Weiss

    A corporate film is the visual representation of a brand’s message. It is one of the most engaging and effective ways to grab and hold the attention of one’s target audience.

     A corporate film helps in highlighting the relevant messaging about the business, product or service in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

    Different businesses create varied types of corporate films depending on the messaging, target audience and the desired outcome, both long term and short term. 

    Right from educating and engaging the audience, spreading awareness, launching a new product/service to hiring or training new joiners, etc., brands use videos, in many formats. 

    Here are 9 proven corporate film types that add immense value to a business

    1.Company Profile Video

    These are short videos introducing the company to its stakeholders, be it customers, employees, investors, dealers, etc.

    This type of corporate film enables a brand to present its identity and briefly talk about what the company or brand is all about - right from the business, to its philosophy, values, mission, vision, USP, etc.

    2. Explainer Video

    An explainer video is a short, animated marketing video. It explains the brand’s business idea to its target audience in an engaging and compelling manner.

    These informative videos are fast emerging as a popular marketing tool for the brands.

    39% of people cite explainer video as the number one video content they would like to see more of.


    They synergize both visual and auditory senses to explain what product/service the company is offering, how it can help the customers, and what makes it the best option in the market. 

    They usually feature on a brand’s home page, landing page, a popular product page or an upcoming product page for most mileage.

    3. Customer Testimonial Video

    Studies put video testimonials as being among the top three most effective types of video content.

    Customer testimonials have always been one of the most compelling and authentic ways to build trust in a brand and a popular tool for marketers. 

    Video testimonials take this effectiveness to the next level. As watching and hearing someone share a positive experience and validate a brand gives it a higher degree of credibility. 

    4. Employer Branding & Recruitment Video

    Want to reach out to your target employees and tell them about your company’s culture and inspire them to apply?

    Visual Content is 40x more likely to get shared on social media than other types of Content. 

                                                                                                                      - HubSpot

    Just make a cool video that showcases the workplace, the current happy employees, how you stand out, the thriving culture. Also, why they should want to work with you, etc. 

    Many companies use this approach these days to woo prospective employees. In fact, it’s proving to be a fabulous tool, as the resumes literally pour in!

    5. Training Video

    Training videos are essential to a company’s growth. In fact, they are one of the most effective tools for upgrading employees’ skills and expertise.

    Be it induction training, Other HR-related training, new product, software training, etc.; a good video can be extremely beneficial in enhancing the learnings of the team.

    Remember, people are always more receptive to visual learning.

    6. FAQ & Support Video

    Like an explainer video, a video that proactively addresses the most frequently asked questions and provides support information gets a big thumbs up from customers.

    Not only does it help the customers, but an FAQ video also helps the business’s customer care department by reducing the number of queries the team has to deal with.

    7. Industrial/ Dealer Video

    These videos address stakeholders within the company rather than the customers themselves. Board of directors, investors, dealers being some.

    The purpose of such type of corporate film is to provide more professional insight into a company’s workings. Therefore, such a digital film is more technical in nature.

    Typically, industrial videos work best for investor and sales pitch, presenting annual reports, B2B marketing, trade shows, etc.

    8. Promotional Video

    This type of corporate film is like a TV commercial, but not constrained by a time spot. 

    These are usually filmed around a product launch or other relevant information sharing about the company.

    A promo video is a digital film that can be posted on official websites and shared with television and digital media. Also at promotional events or as part of a promotional package.

    9. Milestone Video  

    A corporate film marking the key landmarks and achievements of a company is a fabulous way to connect with all its stakeholders emotionally, be it customers, employees, investors, dealers, or any other.

    Through such a digital film, the company can, one share the achievement, and two also share its future plans with the stakeholders.

    Such videos contribute significantly to building a strong connect. They can be shared on the websites, social media platforms and with the media.

    So, these are 9 types of corporate films that are used by brands to reach out to their various stakeholders.

    However, it all boils down to how creatively the brand does the storytelling. 

    So, whether it is an employer branding video, landmark video, or an explainer video, ultimately the way a brand constructs and presents the story, is what makes or breaks the deal.

    Sounds interesting? Want to create an engaging corporate film for your business, but want professional guidance?

    Talk to us. Our seasoned bunch of creative mavericks would love to work with you.

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