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    What is digital marketing?

    Digital marketing refers to the process of measurable, targeted and interactive ways to market products or services using digital technology. While digital marketing has many different aspects – like mobile marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization, learning to carefully use each aspect step by step leads to optimum results. 

    How can digital marketing help my business?

    Whether you are an entrepreneur, a growing business or a multinational firm, the digital revolution has brought your target audience online. Marketing your products and services on the Internet gives you the opportunity to reach out to this specific audience in an interactive and quantifiable manner.  

    How can digital marketing help my career?

    Digital Marketing has become an important aspect of all fields and industries and the skill of knowing how to optimally use content, social media or search engines (Content Marketing, SMM, SEO) will only help you climb the career ladder

    What is SEO?

    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the visibility of your website in Google Search Engine Results Page. SEO works in two ways: On page and Off page – with the former working on aspects on your site, and the latter working on aspects that include other websites to give it more visibility.

    What is content marketing?

    Creating consistent content that is targeted at a relevant audience and is aimed at driving traffic to your website as make you trustworthy as a business.  

    Do you provide internship and job placement support?

    Yes! We don’t leave any stone unturned to give our students the best possible platforms where they get access to our recruiting partners incase they are recruiting at the time.  

    As a consulting service, do you provide social media services?

    We will provide you all possible digital marketing services – and in many cases, even equip your team to handle digital marketing everyday issues like social media marketing.  

    Can we come and see your office?

    Yes – you are welcome to come and have a cup of coffee/tea with us at anytime! Have a look at our contact numbers and address!  

    I would like to run corporate trainings on digital marketing for my team.Who can I contact from your team?

    Hi! Sonal Munjal, our centre manager, would be happy to assist you on how we can run a customized course for your organisation. E-mail her at sonal@antsdigital.in or call her at +91 9643133067.  

    Digital for Kids What courses are included in the digital for kids programme?

    There are three children’s clubs that run under the Digital for Kids brand – The Coding, The Cyber Club and The Creative Club.

    What is the structure in which these clubs run?

    The clubs run in six progressive levels, and each level is of six days each.

    The Internet can also be a dangerous place for children. How do your programmes cater to the safety of our children in Cyber spaces?

    Each club runs a cyber safety and etiquette modules where children learn safe ways of surfing and using the Internet in an optimal way.  

    I don’t want my child to learn or create games that are violent. Is the faculty sensitive to such concerns?

    Yes. We make sure that the games children learn to create are in line with the ethical values of respect, regard and non violence.

    What is the duration and timings of the clubs?

    Classes run for three hours each in each club and the exact batch timings are different for each batch. There are also weekday and weekend batch options available. Have a look at the calendar to view and register upcoming batches.

    Can my child be part of two (or all three) clubs at the same time?

    Since we do not encourage children to spend all their time on their computer or mobile screens, we make sure that they can only be part of one club at a time.

    I have a few more queries. Can I call someone or visit your office?

    Absolutely! Please call us or come by anytime you’d like and bring your child too! Visit our contact us page for phone numbers, our address and directions!  

    I am a school representative interested in running your programmes in my school. Who can I contact?

    We’d love to hear from you – please contact Archana Arora at archana@antsdigital.in or at +91 9811146591.    

    Digital for Senior Citizens Why do senior citizens need digital literacy?

    The digital world can make life easier not just for office going professionals or business people, but also senior citizens looking for a sense of independence and empowerment through technology.

    My parents are not digital savvy at all? Are they still eligible for the Digital for Senior Citizens course?

    Absolutely. Our course starts at the most basic level, from how to connect to the WiFi to how to use smart search on your desktop and your phone and a whole bunch of utlitiy apps like Uber, BigBasket and UrbanClap!  

    What are the timings and duration of the course?

    The course runs for six days in weekday and weekend batches. Timings are decided by the batch itself.  

    I think my parents would be more comfortable with one on one classes. Is that possible at your centre?

    Yes definitely – if classroom learning isn’t their cup of tea, they can enroll in a one on one package! Contact Bani at bani@antsdigital.in or at +919818297337 for more information on these.  

    Where can I register and when does the next batch begin?

    Have a look at the calendar to see the details of the upcoming batch. You can also register there or call our centre.

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