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  • Explainer Video - Making Great and Lasting First Impressions

    The newest kid-on-the-block, explainer video, has been making waves since 2007 and is gaining ground as we speak.

    A video format is worth a million pictures. Undoubtedly, user engagement with video content is higher than other forms of content because of its visual element.

    A well-conceived video, keeping the target audience in mind, makes an instant and lasting connection.

    An explainer video is a short animated marketing video that explains the brand’s business idea, to its target audience in an engaging and persuasive way.

    Appealing and attractive visuals, together with clear and straightforward language, grab and hold the viewer’s attention.

    By harnessing and synergising both the visual and auditory senses, explainer video increases the grasping and retention rates and conveys the brand’s proposition in a concise and impactful manner.

    These informative videos generally explain what product/service the company is offering. How it can help the customers, and what makes it the best option in the market.

    Explainer videos are usually placed on a brand’s home page, landing page, a popular product page, or an upcoming product page.

    Emerging as a popular digital marketing tool, some websites have cited an increase in conversion rates by as much as 144% after uploading these videos.

    Salient Features of an Explainer Video

    1. Brief & Direct:

      These are information specific videos, usually no longer than 90 seconds.

    2. Clear & Simple:

      They follow a simple line of narrative, answering the what, when, how and why in a user-friendly way.

    3. Target Audience Specific:

      Created to connect with a specific audience, to help them understand and identify with the company’s product/service.

    4. High-quality:

      These videos have to be distinct and of the highest quality, to make the brand stand apart from the competitors.

    5. Animated:

      Explainer videos usually use animated characters to give an element of fun and enhance the level of user engagement. As a result, it generates a strong connection with the target audience.

    6. Reinforce Brand Recognition:

      These videos reinforce the look and feel of the brand, thus building on the brand identity.

    7. Compelling Sound Effects:

      The videos have music and sound effects that grab and hold the audience’s attention and help in telling the brand’s story in a gripping and interesting way.

    From drawing people, engaging them to stay on for longer on your site, to a fabulous platform to take the company’s story to the customers in a short time, explainer video does it all. With élan.

    It tells a brand’s story visually, bringing out its personality in a captivating manner.

    That’s the power of an explainer video! So, whether you are a small entrepreneur, a newbie or an established large company, its time to switch to video marketing, if you haven’t already.

    Here are some benefits of an explainer video

    1. Brings alive your idea

      A visual rendering of your business idea is a powerful and effective way to introduce your product/service to your target audience.

      It stimulates keen engagement, thus helping seal the deal.

    2. Explains the business idea in a jiffy

      An explainer video brings home the message in a clear, concise and straightforward manner.

      It is a big plus in the transient and short attention span digital world.

    3. Easy to understand

      The explainer video brings together visual and auditory media.

      It demystifies your product/service for the target audience by breaking down how the product works, down to its simplest form.

      It creates a powerful, yet easy to understand, communication about the company’s product/service.

      97% of businesses using explainer video report that it helps users understand their business better.

    4. Engages meaningfully

      A dynamic medium of user interface, explainer videos engage meaningfully with the target audience.

      Created with a sharp focus on the audience, these reach out and connect forcefully.

    5. Versatile medium

      Highly versatile, videos have a universal appeal, and any product or service can be marketed through an animated video.

      Whether you are trying to sell books, shoes, lifestyle products or digital services, in a serious or light-hearted tone, an explainer video can do it all.

    6. Improves SEO

      Most search engines favour pages that include videos. Therefore, an animated explainer video enhances the brand’s ranking by that virtue alone.

      Additionally, pages with videos usually receive backlinks, which further drives more traffic to the brand’s website.

      Further, the SEMrush page optimisation tool lists videos as a medium to stand apart from others.

    7. Increases visibility

      Video content helps a website to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

      Additionally, it allows the brand to feature on YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd largest social networking site on the World Wide Web.

    8. Promotes brand building

      Animated explainer videos allow the brand to integrate its logo, images, colours, font etcetera.

      The setting and the story a brand creates can keep varying as every new information, product or service will need different messaging.

      All this, while keeping the foundation intact, helps build the brand.

    9. Increases conversions

      Catchy, captivating and compelling, explainer videos contribute significantly to growing the conversion rates.

      Informative, yet quick and straightforward, they build on consumer trust and are known to grow the business by up to 20%, on an average.

      New to the online business world, or a seasoned veteran, explainer videos are powerful marking tools that help promote your business, product or vision most effectively.

    Consumers are increasingly looking out for more video content from the brands, and most brands are prepped to deliver on that.

    Move with the times and get on the bandwagon. Don’t get left behind.

    Want to make an explainer video, but want professional guidance? Our seasoned team can help you. Contact us.

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