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  • Five Out-Of-The-Box Valentine's Day Campaigns on Social Media

    Five ‘Out-Of-The-Box’ Valentine’s Day Campaigns on Social Media

    The flights of creative fancy are fascinating. All the more so, on social media! In the quirky, whacky world of the youngest medium of communication, the only rule currently is - There are no rules. In the week surrounding the Valentine’s Day, the new kids on the block are breaking new creative grounds every day with advertising that is powerful, yet subtle.

    A number of Valentine’s Day campaigns were launched this year for brands ranging from the obvious products like chocolates to unusual ones like dehydrated onions - each conveying its message in unique ways.

    "Social Media Campaigns are getting more out-of-the-box because they have to fight the clutter. Users are bombarded with promotional content, and if marketers have to strike a chord with the users, they will have to be different and genuine" says Archana Arora, Founder & Director, ANTS Digital.

    It is this constant need to stand out that’s making the social media campaigns more innovative and cutting edge. One of the ways to do this is to align with the sensibilities of the millennial audience.

    Be Subtle on Valentine’s Day

    The ideal expression of love for the millennials is not the loud proclamations from the rooftops but subtle acts of caring and sharing, conveying it indirectly. No wonder the brands too are speaking their language.

    We noticed five Valentine’s Day campaigns that took the uncharted routes as far as creativity is concerned.

    Campaign 1 - FRU2go #KhushiyonWalaBreakup

    In a week when advertising professionals go mushier than the dialogue writers of a Bollywood romance, there were some who were taking not the unconventional route but just the road in the opposite direction.

    "Most of the brands talk about love and relationship during Valentine's Day, but love is also about loving your body and soul. A positive development like breaking away from unhealthy food habits is also an act of love - albeit for yourself. Hence the radically different approach - of talking of breakups in Valentine’s Day campaign" explains Akash Goyal - Brand Lead, FRU2go.

    The campaign has cute little, animated clips where the wayward heart longs for the unhealthy sweets and junk food but a pack of FRU2go fruit snack helps it break up with them.

    The message comes across in a sweet, funny and entertaining way with a reference to the week of celebrations, but in a way entirely different from how other campaigns were approaching the theme.

    Campaign 2 - Manforce Condoms

    The brand known for its whacky and bold campaign themes had many unique, creatives for its Valentine's Day campaign. A slightly less saucy creative of the campaign for the rose day had a single picture of a red rose. The copy makes a pun on the word ‘rose’ which sounds like 'roz', the Hindi word for ‘daily’ or ‘every day’.

    At another level, the campaign gives voice to the aspirations of women of today. It expresses their desires for sexual freedom. 'Baby ko rose pasand hai' (baby likes it every day) went the saucy, short copy.

    Campaign 3 - AamRus Frozen Fruit Pulp

    The product that can add a mango, strawberry or jamun twist to any of your tasty tales had arguably the most noticeable Valentine’s Day campaign this year. Elements of romance were tenuously linked to various preparations that can be made using Jain Farm Fresh frozen fruit pulp.

    Cooking and offering them to your partner on Valentine’s Day, without any gender stereotyping, was the core message of the campaign.

    "I wanted to break the conventional way people celebrate Valentine’s Day” offers Mahima Chawla - Brand Lead, AamRus. Of course, we were not doubting the value of a rose on that day. What we were trying to say is that if you make something sweet with AamRus for your loved one, it has the same effect on them" adds Mahima.

    Campaign 4 - Urban Ladder

    The furniture brand talked of love this Valentine – but not just the love for your romantic partner.

    Their campaign instead talks of 'evening with your dog', 'story time with your granny' or 'pillow talks past midnight'. "DM us your mushy moment, and we shall turn it into a love note for you to share" offers the body copy of their Valentine Day post.

    A rather unusual campaign in these days when all other campaigns in the media are all about romantic love!

    Campaign 5 - Jain Farm Fresh Dehydrated Onions #GharKaKhana

    This must be the most unconventional choice of a product ever to have a Valentine’s Day Campaign. Packaged dehydrated onions are associated with the convenience of cooking, not Romance.

    "It's the evergreen romance of food that was my focus," says Chawla who was behind this campaign also. She designed a campaign that again linked cooking for your partner as an expression of love and time well spent at home together as the most romantic activity.

    Many people associate peeling and chopping onions with mess and inconvenience, while this campaign tries to associate them with romance.

    "Cooking with dehydrated onions is not messy, doesn’t leave you sweaty and with smelly hands. Peeling and chopping onions is the most cumbersome part of cooking and if you skip it by using dehydrated onions, you save a lot more time for romance" opines Mahima.

    The five case studies show that social media marketers are trying their best to address the youth around Valentine’s Day. Why specifically this period?

    A Good Time to Connect to the Youth

    Something that started as a day of love has over time evolved into a week of celebrations. This leads to a lot of activity in the week, both cultural and consumer, making it a great time to reach out to the potential customer.

    “There is a build up that happens for Valentine’s Day which engages more people online. They scan what friends or celebs are posting. This is an opportunity for brands to find new ways to connect with their audience. Anytime when fans and prospects are taking some time off to celebrate, is a good time for brands to engage with their audience” explains Archana.

    So the mantra in social media advertising is - banish the boring and welcome the whacky. To that, we say – More power to the elbow of the social media creative professionals – especially considering they spend such long hours on the keyboard!

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