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  • Get a Mobile App for Seamless Consumer Experience and Growing Your Business

    In a dilemma, whether or not your business needs a mobile app to take that much-needed leap forward?

    Apps are no longer just limited to the gaming or social media worlds.

    Business-ready apps are increasingly making their presence felt for their role in helping a budding business grow.

    They help the business stay abreast of the latest technologies and innovations which can make running it more efficient, effortless and profitable.

    Here are seven reasons that will help you take the required steps in the right direction.

    1. Helps Local Businesses Go Global

    A well designed mobile app, together with an effective social media strategy and search engine optimisation, has the power to take a local business global overnight.

    One can transcend geographical boundaries to reach global markets and audiences.

    For example, a gifted and futuristic artist can expand his/her horizon by selling their wares to discerning buyers anywhere in the world, with the help of a mobile app.

    According to a 2019 survey by Statista, the number of app downloads worldwide is growing exponentially.

    2. Helps in Getting a Lead on Your Competition

    Each good strategy to stay ahead in the game gives the business a much-required boost.

    Having your mobile app is a step in the right direction to ensure that as it makes your brand competitive. Getting one while your competitors are still considering it, or even brushing it aside as unnecessary, will give you an immense advantage.

    A smart move like this will help the business stand apart. Moreover, it can also assist in lowering the cost of digital marketing significantly and gaining a competitive lead.

    Take the help of experts to design an app that gives a seamless user experience, to stay ahead of your competitors.

    3. Helps in Growing the Sales

    An app can contribute in a big way in expanding a brand’s business and help in increasing sales over a period of time and consequently, the profits.

    Promotional offers, discounts, deals etc. through push notifications can effectively engage the customers to make that purchase and are compelling examples that elucidate the importance of mobile apps.

    For example, customers who have installed your app can be contacted directly with special offers to boost sales.

    Additionally, the convenience of paying through mobile apps, if it's for sale of a product or service, also makes them popular. One can simply order even while en route somewhere. Of course, the app has to ensure a secure transaction.

    4. Facilitates Centralised Digital Identity for a Business

    A well created mobile app soon becomes synonymous with the brand’s digital identity and facilitates meaningful and quick communication.

    Once it establishes itself with its customer base and starts engaging with them effectively, it becomes a primary business channel. Additionally, it also acts as a conduit for all the other channels.

    This added user convenience further helps in increasing revenues for the brand.

    It ensures a more focussed and integrated online branding of the business through consistent customer-oriented marketing campaigns across all channels.

    A powerful mobile app thus can significantly help in streamlining the business most effectively and efficiently.

    5. Powerful Branding & Promotional Tool for Your Business

    A mobile app is a remarkably forceful branding tool and goes a long way in making the users aware of your brand and also recommend it to others.

    An expert mobile app developer can help in building a dynamic app which enhances both the customer experience and your brand’s image.

    Once established, a business mobile app offers an excellent promotional platform with next to no costs. This is in contrast to the hefty commissions a business has to pay the popular online portals to promote its products.

    Also, one has to follow the portal’s policies, vie for space with the other similar products or services.

    After the initial cost of creating the app, it practically is a free and personalised promotional tool thereon.

    6. Convenient and Builds Visibility & Connectivity

    The digitally inclined environment of today has made it essential for a business to boost its presence on all platforms where it has existing or potential customers. Mobile apps are among the most powerful tools in facilitating that.

    Statics show that the time spent on smartphones is going up significantly across the globe vis-a-vis desktop. An average person spends upwards of three hours on the mobile every day, and apps take up a majority of that time.

    Today, convenience is the key, and a mobile app provides just that. The information required is just a click away and sitting right there in the user’s pocket.

    So, this is probably the among the most significant advantages of a mobile app - the exposure it can get for its users, if promoted well and used actively, of course.

    Staying visible and connected with its customer base makes a big difference to the success of a business. A well created mobile app can help make that difference!

    Running a small business involves a whole lot of multi-tasking and wearing many hats. A good mobile app can come to the rescue here, to make your life easier, more organised and your business more productive.

    Want to explore this further? Talk to our experts.

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