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  • How to Be on Top of the Amazon Marketing Game

    Amazon is fast emerging as one of the top contenders for the online advertising pie. The following data explains the importance of Amazon marketing in any media planner’s digital marketing strategy.

    Towards the end of the last year, even though the market share of Amazon at 7% was behind Google’s 37% and Facebook's 20%, the jump in the advertising revenue for Amazon was 250% in the 3rd quarter of 2018 when compared to the 3rd quarter of 2017.

    Source – HubSpot.com

    The Three Pillars of Amazon Marketing

    There are three marketing methods available on Amazon

    1. Amazon SEO
    2. Amazon Advertising
    3. External marketing measures (includes both paid and unpaid).

    Each of these methods has its advantages. The effect of each is enhanced because unlike other platforms, Amazon is directly into selling and is the market leader at that.

    Over 70% of the sales on Amazon happen through mobile phones.

    Source – PPC Hero

    1. Amazon SEO

    Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, and search engine optimisation on it yields good dividends.

    If you rank high on Amazon, you have not reached just a user but a potential buyer who has an intent to purchase a product or service and, most likely, has made previous purchases on the platform.

    Most Amazon SEO measures are free of charge, making the ROI excellent.

    2. Amazon Advertising

    There are various advertising formats and promotions on Amazon to endorse your brand and products. These services are usually paid but highly cost-effective.

    Here are Five Major Advantages of Amazon Advertising

    1. Ranking on Top: Advertising on Amazon makes your product visible on Amazon home page.

      Otherwise, it could have been appearing way below its competitors.

    2. Reaching the Right Shopper: The visitors on amazon comes to the site mostly to buy a product, not just search for information.

      The relevant sponsored ads save their time as the product information appears alongside the targeted search.

      They can easily click on the link and immediately make a purchase.

    3. Pay-per-click, Not for Impressions: This is one factor that makes Amazon advertising very cost effective.

      You do not need to pay anything for the impressions that your sponsored ad generates. You only pay when a user clicks your PPC ad.

      Also, you don’t have to pay through credit card. Once the sale is made, Amazon deducts the amount (advertising fee) from the sale proceeds of the advertiser.

      Thus, it is a hassle-free transaction overall.

    4. Extensive Reach: Your Amazon ads get extensive visibility, and that helps create brand awareness.

      A single PPC campaign of your commodity may get up to millions of views within a few seconds.

      Even if a small percentage of those viewers click on the link and book their orders online, the number of purchases would be huge.

    5. Improves Brand visibility: Amazon offers the feature of ‘Sponsored Brands,’ which help customers discover and engage with your brand effectively.

      Sponsored Brands are keyword-targeted ads that boost your brand’s listing on search result pages. They help in improving sales and enhancing your product’s visibility on Amazon.

    3. External Marketing Measures

    External Amazon marketing measures, also called off-Amazon measures, guides users who are not present on the Amazon website.

    It’s a relatively simple measure. A link on an external page leads the potential buyer to your product on Amazon.

    The external site directs the users to Amazon, where they can buy the product.

    Unlike Google, where the linking leads only to better ranking in the search results, the linking to Amazon is more useful as it generates purchases.

    The critical question for the sellers is - where can I place links to my products to lead additional buyers to my Amazon page? In short, how do I effectively manage my Amazon list?

    A competent digital agency can sort that out for you.

    There are both paid and unpaid options available in amazon external marketing measures.

    1. Pay-per-click advertising - Works, as explained above. The ad leads to the Amazon product page.

    2. Newsletters/emails - newsletters are sent to a mailer list from where the customer clicks on a link and is taken to Amazon page to make a purchase.

    3. Content targeting - YouTubers, bloggers and Instagrammers provide content and links to the Amazon product page.

    4. Social media - Brand pages on social networking websites help in growing brand awareness and strengthening customer loyalty. They also raise awareness about your product available on Amazon.

    These three Amazon marketing methods help you run a successful campaign on Amazon that leads to not only brand awareness but also boosts sales and increases revenues for your company.

    Want to boost sales and build awareness about your company on Amazon, but short on time and resources and would like a professional view? Get in touch with our team.

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