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  • How to make Google Ads clickable- A Complete Guide

    Here's a guide on how to make Google ads clickable!

    Google Adwords is a great platform for ventures to effectively showcase their online presence. From major brands to local competitors everyone seems to be running Google ads nowadays. If managed correctly, AdWords can be just as successful for small businesses as it is for big companies. Here are some pointers to make Google ads clickable: make google ads clickable

    1. Powerful USP:

    A USP or the Unique Selling Proposition defines your business and differentiate you from your competitors. It basically gives your customers reason to choose you above others. Having a powerful USP important because of the following reasons:

    • A powerful USP gives you relevant leads and protects your ads from unwanted clicks.
    • Lead conversion rate gets high.
    • It helps to eliminate price comparison shopping.

    A powerful Unique Selling Proposition is the one that provides a clear answer to the following questions:

    • How are you unique?
    • In what aspect are you different from your competition?
    • Why should the user buy from you, rather than your competitor?

    2. Irresistible Offer:

    An irresistible offer always make Google ads clickable. Try to provide an irresistible offer to your prospects that they cannot deny. The offer that you are providing them should have the following features:

    • It should be Valuable. The benefits that your product or service provide should overweigh the price.
    • It should be Believable. It is not easy to convince the prospects, especially the ones online. Tell them why are you running a sale or giving something for free.
    • Always try reducing Risk by providing some sort of a guarantee.

    3. Efficient Landing Page:

    Always create a dedicated landing page to make Google ads clickable, instead of directing the ads to the homepage of your website. The aim is to create a congruent experience for the customers so that they are continuously reassured that they are going down the right path. There are various ways one can create an efficient landing page:

    • Have an attractive headline for your landing page
    • The landing page should be relevant to the keyword and the ad clicked
    • Try explaining the irresistible offers that you are providing
    • Have a strong call to action button on your landing page

    4. Relevant Keywords and Placements:

    Keywords are words that are used to search information in Search Engines that refers to a specific topic. Many first time advertisers have no or less idea about the keyword match types. The various match types are:

    1. Broad match: Ads may show on searches that include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations. If you leave your keywords as broad match, it might get you a lot of impressions but also a lot of irrelevant clicks.
    1. Broad match modifier: Ads may show on searches that contain the modified term (or close variations, but not synonyms), in any order.
    1. Phrase match: Ads may show on searches that are a phrase, and close variations of that phrase. Phrase match provides you more control over your ads than the broad match or broad match modifier.
    1. Exact match: Ads may show on searches that are an exact term. Exact match can help you limit your exposure.
    1. Negative match: Ads may show on searches without the term. It blocks the keyword from activating your ads.

    So, choose your keyword match type wisely! The advertisers can use placements for the campaign or ad group to place their ads on specific websites or the certain group of sites on the Display network. Placements and keywords can be used together in Display Network. By doing this, you restrict your ads to specific sites and show them only when the content of a page is relevant to your keywords. While Search Network only uses keywords to target your ads.

    5. Target Right Audience:

    Defining your target audience is the businesses best practice. It doesn’t make sense to try to please everyone. Your time, energy and money are better invested in a target audience. This will give you more relevant clicks.

    6. CTA Buttons:

    Using CTA or Call to Action buttons is a way to motivate customers to take an action that you want. Before writing your ad copies, try listing out various CTA buttons that you can use. Include CTA buttons in both your ad copies and Landing pages. The various characteristics of a good CTA button are:

    • Short
    • Actionable
    • Simple

    By now you should be able to make brilliant Google ads and set up your Google AdWords account accordingly. We at ANTS keep taking feedback from our customers and clients in order to improve or change our approach towards paid campaigns. It helps us plan and strategize our campaigns when we are consulting our clients, whether it is B2B or B2C.  

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