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  • Role of Website Design and Development in Making a Business More Profitable

    Wondering what the hype around website design and development is? Why is it increasingly being hailed as a differentiator, a winning feature, especially for small businesses? Here’s our take.

    48 % of people cited website design as the number 1 factor in determining the credibility of a business.

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    The world is shrinking. It is rapidly becoming digital, making it smaller and more connected.

    Digital is the new way of engaging meaningfully with the existing and potential customers by arousing and holding their interest.

    It calls for a business to have a powerful platform to engage with the users - a website.  

    A website is the online replica of a business’s brick and mortar store offline.

    With the constant cutting edge innovations taking place in the digital world, it is imperative that not only do brands have websites, but they are professional, responsive and high-quality.

    And this brings in the importance of website design and development in steering a business towards online success.

    A robust website design helps create an attractive, relevant and engaging website, thus making a significant contribution to the success of a business.

    Key Benefits of Great Website Design and Development

    Increases Brand Visibility

    A significant benefit of website design and development is that it increases the brand’s visibility.

    Today’s aware and conscious consumers want instant and the latest information on the brand before making a choice. Even if it’s a known product or service.

    Online research is the best option. Therefore, a website having relevant and custom information like the product/service, location, contact info, etc., increases a brand’s visibility exponentially.

    Enhances User Experience (UX)

    Ensuring ease of navigation and use is a critical aspect of website design and development. The information provided on the website should be easy to access.  Hence, the pages must have faster-loading speed.

    An easy to navigate website facilitates a satisfactory user experience (UX), encouraging them to come back for more. It further helps in moving organic traffic to the site.

    Latest web designing software is used to make it easy for the user to move from one page to the next by following clear instructions and powerful search tools.

    Additionally, it is advisable to regularly test the pages, post website development, to eliminate technical glitches, if any.

    You could also take the help of a competent website design company, as it will have the expertise to help you design an optimised website. Furthermore, it will also save you the time and effort, which you can use in growing your business.

    Seamless User Interface (UI)

    94% of websites user’s first impressions are design related.

    It is challenging to attract and hold the attention of your audience in the highly digitised world.

    Transient attention span, together with information overload makes the task even more challenging.  

    Therefore, the first impression needs to make a lasting and positive impact on the visitor, and looks can be highly decisive in doing that.

    A well-designed website helps create just that. It facilitates a seamless user interface (UI), winning the confidence. Furthermore,  it encourages the user to come back for more.

    The satisfactory UI, coupled with a great UX, also results in increased recommendations for the site.

    Engages Users Meaningfully & Builds Credibility

    75% of the visitors to your site will judge your credibility based on the website design.

    Businesses now rely more and more on websites to attract and build credibility with their customers. Therefore, how a website attracts and holds the user’s interest is critical and defining.

    A website is an ideal platform for the brand to engage with its target audience and build credibility.

    Facts, information and testimonials on the site are the mouthpieces for the brand.

    People tend to search on the internet for product or services to check credibility before making the purchase.

    Therefore updated information on your website, together with word-of-mouth and online reviews, help in building credibility.

    82 % of users feel more positive about a company after reading custom content.

    BP Studios

    Consumers judge a business’ credibility by their engagement and interface with its website. Therefore, a website designed to pique and hold the interest of the target audience is a winner.

    Improves SEO

    Improved search engine ranking can increase organic traffic by nearly 26%

    -BP Studios

    An expert website design company can help you design and develop a website that ranks high on the search engines by making it user-friendlyThis, in turn, will result in improved user experience and enhanced user engagement.

    Well defined URL structures that include search terms, relevant title tags, use of keywords, optimised images, internal links, among others, are kept in mind when designing the website and curating content.

    Levels the Playing Field

    A compelling advantage of the internet is that the size of a business doesn’t matter much.

    As a result, small businesses can rank higher on Google vis-a-vis a large MNC in the similar field by following a better SEO strategy.

    It makes a professional website even more critical for a small business as it levels the playing field for all players.

    Available & Accessible 24X7

    Websites can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days, with no limitation of business hours.

    The existing and potential customers can visit the brand’s site for any information, update and support, whenever it is convenient for them.

    Furthermore, a well designed and developed website will have updated information on its existing and upcoming product/service at the click of a button.

    In short, it is the all-valuable and always available resource.

    Universal Marketing Tool

    A company's website, along with a robust presence on social media platforms, are powerful digital marketing tools for a business.

    These help the brand make inroads across the globe and builds a universal presence for the brand’s product/services.

    Digital marketing strategies showcasing the brand online help it reach diverse audiences simultaneously. All this, at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.

    A sharp focus on developing the website, along with the quality of the content posted on social forums is vital because they help a business reach and build its target audience while enhancing its image internationally.

    Boosts Sales

    An optimised website can significantly help increase the sales of a business as more visitors lead to more potential sales.

    E-commerce activities are expected to grow by 21.3% by the year 2019.


    Updating and promoting your website consistently will help drive more traffic to your site. Additionally, meaningful engagement translating to seamless user experience will help in conversions.

    Key Takeaways

    To ensure online success, a website should:

    • Be well designed, attractive and professional.
    • Be responsive, providing a quick interface with any device.
    • Contain custom, relevant and engaging content.
    • Communicate and reinforce the brand’s image.
    • Promote trust and build lasting relationships.
    • Be SEO driven to improve the brand’s ranking on search engines.
    • Boosts Sales.
    • Be updated, current and relevant.
    • Offer secure payments, if an e-commerce site.

    Bottom line: A website is a powerful tool to achieve online success. The more professional your website, the more benefits the company shall reap.

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