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  • Shaping The Future Of B2C Communication: Content Marketing Trends In 2019

     Are you looking to use social platforms and forums to drive traffic to your website? If so, then you need to know about the top content marketing trends in 2019.

    What Is Content Marketing

    First, let us briefly introduce you to content marketing.

    Content marketing is the practice of publishing different types of written material on third-party websites and use that written material to drive traffic to your site. 

    The way that companies drive traffic is by backlinking.

    Backlinking is the process of hyperlinking specific portion of the article text by attaching links of your website to those portions. By clicking on these links, readers are directed to your website where they can find services or products that they read about

    The backlinking process has to be backed by quality content on the host website. Content that catches the attention of the people who visit the site.

    In addition to driving traffic to the website, another purpose of content marketing is to gain new customers.

    How will a business gain new customers? What must they do to induce a visitor to check out their services or products?

    The answer is - by Entertaining, Educating, Inspiring and Convincing the visitor.


    Companies need to engage with their audience by coming up with creative concepts that are unique, entertaining and keeps a visitor hooked to their site.

    This is desirable if businesses want to fuel brand recall and achieve their ultimate aim to generate more customers.


    Companies need to ensure that their website becomes a source of education for their visitors. They must provide solutions to any problem that a user has, relevant to their field.

    These inputs make the company look credible and trustworthy, which are essential factors for every business.

    For, eg, a digital marketing agency must be able to educate its users about the basics of SEO, in case they come looking for answers.


    If businesses want to convince people to opt for their products or services, they need to inspire them to do so consistently. 

    The best way to go about it is by getting celebrities to endorse their brand and publishing expert reviews about the product or service.  Creating interesting widgets or providing community forums on their website for people who like to talk about topics relevant to the industry is another way.

    The main reason for this is to appeal to audiences on an emotional level. It helps the brand win the trust of the people who visit their site.


    The last push that potential buyers need before making a purchase decision. 

    It is aimed to appeal to the rational thinker inside every buyer. The best way to do it is by using infographics, events, webinars or how-to videos.

    By convincing visitors to opt-in for their products or services, companies stand a very good chance of growing their client base and getting the word out about themselves.

    Companies, both big and small, have widely accepted the concept of content marketing.

    It's a continually evolving practice, which has changed year after year as the approach and strategy towards content marketing has evolved with the content marketing trends in 2019

    Here's a look at the most popular content marketing trends in 2019:

    Making Content Authentic And Relatable

    Companies need to come up with a content strategy through which they churn out authentic content. By authentic, we mean that it should not be advertorial in nature as it may well drive users off the article. It should not be written in a way that makes it look promotional to maintain the essence of the piece.

    Along with authenticity, another critical factor is uniqueness. Since science is the same, companies need to differentiate themselves via their art, their creativity.  If they want to stand out, they need to churn out ideas that are out-of-the-box, radical and maybe even pushing the boundaries of our understanding.

    Content that is unique and fresh gets better reception from readers or viewers and goes ‘viral’, which means that it gets shared a lot across platforms.

    A vast majority of online content consumers are attracted to, is content that they can relate to. 

    Coming up with fun and inventive ways to communicate has to be the way forward for companies. 

    That is the only way they will be able to attract the reader's attention. The trick here lies in putting the message across in a subtle manner. 

    A few stats to back this fact are:

    • 86% of consumers agree that authenticity is a factor that leads to a purchasing decision 
    • 78% of consumers say that relevant content is a determining factor in their purchasing decision


    Brand Collaboration

    Whenever two or more brands collaborate for a campaign, it results in some fantastic content being put out. 

    These collaborations could be guest blogging, video mentions and audio podcasts. The collective creative force of brands results in a flurry of amazingly original written and audio material.

    It is one of the main reasons why brand collaboration is a hot trend these days. It gives companies and creators a lot of room to create fresh and original content, which their target demographic responds to positively. 

    Such collaborations give brands an option to leverage their partner's market reach and interact with a new kind of market.

    It also gives them ample opportunity to gain new clientele, which is the point of such collaborations anyway.

    Brand collaborations don't necessarily mean collaborating with another company. Partnering with a popular public figure or social media influencer can also be useful to reach a broad audience.

    Here are a few statistics for you that show just how effective collaboration can be:

    • By 2019, video traffic is predicted to account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic
    • Video content that's roughly around two minutes in length generates the highest levels of engagement


    Making The Most Of Micro-Moments

    Patience is not a virtue that a lot of internet users possess. They look for immediate answers, and delays bug them. This need for a quick response is called a Micro-Moment.

    The key to building a substantial presence through content is by recognising these micro-moments and acting proactively rather than reacting.

    Google categorises these micro-moments as:

    • I-Want-To-Know Moments
    • I-Want-To-Go Moments
    • I-Want-To-Do Moments
    • I-Want-To-Buy Moments

    Businesses need to be very active in recognising these moments and providing content that answers these questions. Only then will they be able to cement a place in the user's psyche as a credible source of information or solutions.

    Creating A Content Cluster

    Amidst all the new trends in the market, one strategy that will always be effective, no matter what will be publishing as much as written content as possible.

    Long-form content will always be an essential constituent to a firm's content marketing strategy. 

    For a firm, writing about their products or services is essential to make the world aware of their existence.

    Creative content writers can help curate written content that will not only be read but will also fuel brand recall on multiple platforms.

    The best way to attract someone looking for some information is to be the most credible source for that information. Therefore, the sooner businesses realise that, the better are their chances of becoming famous.

    The Google ranking algorithm takes into consideration factors like the relevance and length of the content while ranking a website. Hence, creating a content cluster becomes imperative for every entity looking to make a mark on the online space.

    What Lies Ahead

    These content marketing trends in 2019 will define the success or failure of firms in the times to come, and we can't wait for the next radical change in this practice. For all we know, we’ve just scratched the surface, and the pot of gold is still pretty far. 

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