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  • Six Biggest Advantages of Local SEO

    First things, first! If your business needs local customers, you need local SEO.

    64% of local customers use search engines and directories as their primary way to find local businesses.

    Source - brightlocal.com

    This means more and more people are coming to you, not by looking at your brand’s board or the advertisement in the local newspaper, but through their search on a mobile phone. So how can you ensure that your brand name is visible on the top of Google SERP and Google Snack Pack when any customer types in keywords that pertain to your products and services? The answer is local Search Engine Optimisation.

    6 Dominant Advantages of Local SEO

    Here are the top 6 advantages of local SEO

    1. Extensive Customer Base

      Well, almost all of them. Working across all age groups and demographic profiles, it makes an even deeper impression on the younger customer base. Younger customers use the internet much more and are known to be impulsive buyers. They also trust online information and reviews much more.

      According to an in-depth study by BIA/Kelsey:

      97% of consumers research products online before making purchases locally.

      91% of 18-34-year-old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

      96% of PC owners conduct local searches for various products and services.

      So you can imagine the considerable percentage of potential customer you can reach through local SEO.

    2. Free and High ROI 

      Local SEO is free. Many local SEO tools in Google will not cost you a penny. With the help of these tools, you can quantify your local SEO effort, evaluate and track them, before implementing your strategies. Your GMB (Google My Business) page is there to claim for free, and if you take care to be consistent on NAP (Name-Address-Phone Number), it helps you create and assert your presence.   With near-zero costs, the returns on investment are very high for your local SEO efforts.

    3. Longevity

      Local SEO gives you a long term presence. Your paid ads appear only as long as you spend on them. They are temporary and driven by monetary investment. Local SEO, on the other hand, is permanent and effort driven. It will keep adding value if you keep up with your endeavours. A powerful local SEO strategy is instrumental in bringing new customers to your business over a long period and helps to reap the benefits well into the future. Keep in mind that to get the most benefit from your local SEO, you need to create a long term strategy.

    4. Targeted and Timely

      50% of local mobile searchers, apart from various products and services, also look for business information, like a company’s address or phone number.

      Source - brightlocal.com

      When people look for products and services available in their area on their mobile phones and a lot of times they could be – well – mobile, and coming in your direction. It means you have a ready customer here whom you don’t need to persuade or convince to buy your product or services. What’s more, the timing is also perfect. The customer needs it – right there and then. If the customer is ordering your product online, the transaction is even more smooth and instant. So with the help local SEO strategy, you have got the right and ready customer at just the right time and place. What more could any marketer want?

    5. Local Results

      Local SEO is the yellow pages of the area and gives local results. A person sitting in Gurugram and looking for a list of florists in his/her area will only get results for that area. He/she will not get a list of florists, say in South Delhi. This is the beauty and power of local SEO. It sifts through all data and brings only relevant and local information, thus increasing the possibility of conversion and enabling a quick and easy transaction.

    6. High Conversion Rates

      What does a marketer ultimately want? A transaction! Sale! So what we say next is going to be music to the ears of any business head.

      A whopping 78% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

      Source - searchengineland.com

    Now, which other methods of marketing gets you a conversion rate as high as this? Probably none! So it’s safe to say that local SEO is one of the best ways to reach out to your customer. With the right strategy and correct methods, Search Engine Optimisation can give you results far exceeding your expectations.

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