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  • Website Hosting for Your Business On Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a pay-per-service cloud computing service which provides on-demand comprehensive computing platforms. Their services cater to all types of businesses, individual users and government agencies.

    AWS data centres around the world offer a total of 165 different kinds of fully featured services to millions of customers. 

    Of these 165 services, 40 services are available only on the Amazon AWS platform. 

    All Amazon Web Services are supported by a team of seasoned and brilliant professionals.

    This is one of the main reasons why millions of consumers have been using these AWS services for more than a decade.

    One of the services offered on the Amazon Web Services platform is website hosting.

    Amazon AWS provides web hosting solutions to businesses, non-profit organisations and government agencies.

    As a part of their web hosting solutions, they offer marketing websites, e-commerce websites and rich-media websites.

    Why should you choose Amazon AWS for Web Hosting? 

    1. Scalable and High Performance

    The AWS infrastructure is designed in a way that it grows and shrinks according to fluctuations in website traffic at different points of time in the day. 

    A user can scale their website up or down on the basis of demand using Elastic Load Balancing. It is an AWS service that distributes the traffic load and scale the resources accordingly. 

    Additionally, users can use auto-scaling and other AWS tools.

    2. Ensures Faster Load Time

    AWS enables faster website loading using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon CloudFront.

    Cloud Front is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and is basically a network of proxy servers and their data centres. 

    S3, like the name suggests, is a service which provides storage space that users can utilise to store their data.

    3. Secure

    AWS uses an end-to-end approach to secure the computing infrastructure against any virus or malware.

    The use of physical, operational and software measures in this end-to-end approach is what makes AWS reliable.

    4. Flexible

    AWS provides users with a virtual environment on which they can upload the software and services that their application requires. 

    It allows users to select the operating system (OS), programming language, web application platform, database and other services they need. 

    This makes the migration process for existing apps easy while providing options to build new solutions.

    5. Available in convenient pricing models

    AWS does not ask for any upfront payment, nor does it ask users to enter into contracts. 

    Clients pay only for the services that they use and they pay either on a fixed monthly basis or a pay-per-use basis.  

    6. Easy To Use

    The application hosting platform can be accessed using the AWS management console or web server Application Programming Interface (API) to host an existing application or a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based application.

    7. Provides broad platform support

    AWS enables users to work on any content management system of their choice. 

    Additionally, the users also have the option of using any software development kit they like.

    8. Enables the presence of worldwide datacentres 

    AWS enables its users to have data centres or content delivery systems anywhere in the world. 

    Users can host their website based on where their business has its maximum customer base.

    Different kind of website hosting solutions provided by Amazon AWS

    1. Simple Website Hosting

    Simple websites are those which consist of a single server.

    A single server is used for websites that are not very heavy in terms of load. 

    They run either on Content Management System like WordPress, e-commerce application like Magento or developer stack like LAMP. 

    LAMP is a model of web service stacks consisting of an OS, an HTTP server, a database management system and a programming language

    The software makes it easy for the owner of the website to build, update and manage their site.

    Simple website hosting is ideally suited for platforms:

    • Built on applications like WordPress.
    • Unlikely to scale beyond five servers.
    • Built on development stacks such as LAMP.
    • Where clients who manage their own servers and resources.
    • Where customers who want to manage their web server, DNS and networking through 1 console.

    2. Single Page Web App Hosting

    Single page web apps are websites which run on only a single load in a web browser.

    Therefore, all the additional actions taken by the user are available through HTML JavaScript and CSS.

    HTML is a standard markup language used to describe the text in a browser. 

    JavaScript is a type of programming language. 

    Cascading style sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the way a document is presented in a markup language. 

    All of these are pre-loaded in the browser.

    Single page web apps have a native or desktop-app like performance and offer all the static website benefits with strong functionality and fast performance.

    Single page web app hosting best fits for the following websites

    • Websites built with a single page app framework such as React JS or Vue JS.
    • Websites developed using static site generators such as Gatsby JS.
    • Progressive Web Apps.
    • Websites that do not contain server-side scripting, like PHP.
    • Websites having serverless backends.

    3. Simple Static Website Hosting

    Static websites deliver HTML, JavaScript, images, videos and other files to people who visit the website. 

    These websites do not contain any server-side applications like PHP. 

    These applications run on the web server and are generally used for creating personal or marketing websites.

    The advantages of a static website

    • They are not expensive.
    • Don’t need server administration.
    • They are reliable.
    • Capable of upscaling to handle enterprise-level traffic.

    Simple static website hosting is most effective for

    • Websites that don’t contain server-side scripting, like PHP.
    • Websites which have a few authors and don’t change very often.
    • Customers who don’t want to manage any web infrastructure.
    • Websites that need to upscale occasionally to handle more traffic.

    4. Enterprise Web Hosting

    Enterprise websites include very application-heavy websites, such as marketing, media or travel. 

    These websites need to upscale their resources dynamically to support the most highly-trafficked websites.

    They use multiple AWS services and span across different data centres. 

    These websites provide a high level of availability, scalability and performance.

    They also require more management than simple or static websites.

    Enterprise web hosting works best for platforms

    • Which utilise multiple web servers across a minimum of 2 data centres.
    • That need to scale up using load balancing, autoscaling or external databases.
    • That requires high CPU utilisation for sustained periods.
    • Where customers want maximum control and flexibility for their web server configuration and administration.

    At ANTS Digital, we work with companies in various industries and create custom made websites for them using Amazon Web Services

    AWS allows us to take as many data security measures as required. 

    We ensure that the data on the websites is secure by installing firewalls so that there is no scope of data leaks.

    The kind of websites we design varies from company to company based on their needs, the scale of operations and the industry they operate in. 

    We also help new and established brands take their business online or upscale their digital presence. 

    If you’re one such business, our team of professional experts will help you accomplish your goals.

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