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  • Concentrix City- An employer branding campaign where we created a virtual city

    Campaign Objective

    Workplaces like Concentrix, which have a high number of employees (over 55,000 plus employees across the country), faced challenging issues during the pandemic. While the option of work from home was always open, the profile of employees, typically millennials working in Concentrix, were facing the issue of not getting the opportunity to work from the office. With work from home, meeting, engaging, discussing and everything else became virtual thus bringing down the efficiency of people.

    Concentrix wanted to bring to light the various cultural statements of the brand while keeping the office spirit alive. Also, the core objective was to tie the regular posts down under one common thread that can be developed ahead on a long term basis for daily and topical posts.


    We designed a virtual fun town and named it CONCENTRIX-CITY an imaginative city of Concentrix employees where they have a new identity, hobbies, rules etc. This was predominantly to show life at Concentrix pre-pandemic by way of creating a virtual city, CONCENTRIX CITY.

    The campaign was rolled out in four phases:

    • Concentrix City Teaser - Culture Statement
    • Concentrix Citizen- Meet the CNX Tribe (Featuring employees)
    • Concentrix City Lights- Featuring the excitement around Diwali

    The overall campaign encompassed the essence of the internal and external universe of Concentrix through its employees. Different legs of the campaigns featured various aspects of the organisation such as work ethics and environment, hobbies and passion of employees, celebrations and special occasions activities etc.

    Our services
    Social media marketing

    Concentrix Daksh India Private Limited

    Time Spent
    Sep-Nov 2020

    Plan of Action

    Phase wise deployment of creatives on social media

    Phase - 1

    We piqued the curiosity of our audience by revealing bit-by-bit information to keep them hooked – that there is something under construction that is fresh and quirky.
    Phase 1

    The city that is bold and brave coming soon #UnderConstruction

    Phase 1

    The city that works hard and plays harder #UnderConstruction

    Phase 1

    The city in pursuit of excellence #UnderConstruction

    Phase - 2

    Culture at CNX

    In this phase, the campaign welcomed employees to an action-packed disruptive city that is fueled by great ideas, where innovation and creativity are celebrated.

    A catchy video showcasing the insides of the cool offices adding the nostalgia element for the employees. You have arrived at the coolest destination. Welcome to Concentrix City #concentrixcity


    Phase - 3

    Concentrix Citizens

    In phase 3, the campaign proudly introduced ace-level employees who were exceptional at what they do at Concentrix and beyond. Through this, we wanted to show that Concentrix don’t just hire employees, but real people with passion.

    Phase 1
    25K+ reach
    25K+ reach

    Phase - 4

    Concentrix City Lights

    In this phase, we did a throwback to the festival of lights and how employees shone so brightly during the in-office celebrations. Engaging content asking people to reminisce about how they celebrated last year was also a big hit!

    Phase 1
    Phase 1
    Phase 1
    Phase 1

    Usage of Creativity

    The teaser and launch creatives highlighted the broad perspective angle with words put across an aerial view of the city. We used innovative ways to highlight crucial points in each campaign. Through images or lines, we brought out the message in a creative manner.

    The campaign helped to energise the environment thus increasing engagement amongst all employees and bringing positive energy to beat the pandemic blues

    Expected result

    Cost per engagement (CPE)- ₹0.15 to ₹0.25

    Impressions- 1,584,305

    Reach- 1,451,627

    Post Engagements- 109,669

    End Results

    1.2 M


    Overall Campaign reach Daily viral reach increased by 70%



    5 Phase 1 creatives rank as the top posts in the last 1 year in terms of impressions


    Overall campaign reach

    285% increase in content interaction and growth in followers

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