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  • My Vote Is My Future

    Campaign Objective

    Out of the 1.3 billion people in India, 900 million Indians across the land are eligible to vote. 62% of the total population is deemed young. However, studies show that 2 out of every 5 young voters do not exercise their right to vote.

    With youth being the future of our nation, The Election Commission of India aimed to not just spread awareness about the importance of voting but to also encourage the youngsters to cast their vote.

    This is the thought that gave birth to the My Vote Is My Future campaign.


    The Election Commission of India believes in empowering vigilant, well-informed voters.

    Thus, the My Vote Is My Future campaign was launched consisting of five different contests in the field of music, slogan and poetry, videography, art and trivia.

    The development of an official website and content for social media pages gave a platform for the people to connect and participate creating an increase in engagement.

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    Time Spent
    Mar 2022

    Plan of Action

    Each and every contest was curated to strike a sense of passion and to attract participants from all backgrounds.

    • Song Making Competition
    • Slogan Writing Competition
    • Video Making Competition
    • Poster Making Competition
    • Quiz contest

    Phase - 1

    • The website was made to be easily accessible and easy to navigate with its UX/UI experience.
    • As for the aesthetics, the colour palette was curated to be joyful and fun to attract the target group.
    • As it's a pan India campaign the tonality of language and visuals reflected the same.

    Phase - 2


    Honourable Kiran Rijiju, the Law Minister and CEC of India and EC of India, launched the website and marked the commencement of all the competitions.

    Phase - 3

    Social Media

    The contest was heavily promoted on all the official social media platforms. A total of 127 creatives were created and posted following the launch of the campaign in various formats-

    • Reels
    • Stories
    • Statics
    • Gifts
    • Videos
    • Animations
    489K reach
    489K reach

    Usage of Creativity

    With three separate campaigns, each speaking to a different audience, with different treatment and colour, it was necessary to maintain the key elements of the brand - its Nucleus. While each video or statics highlighted our product range in an engaging manner, we mobilised the audience through our vibrant creatives.

    End Results

    The campaign was a huge success, around 10 lakh people from all over the country participated in the contest.









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