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  • Power Of Small- What may seem insignificant can hold great value

    Campaign Objective

    What may seem insignificant can hold great value.

    This is true, especially in the construction industry, where the most minor component is the mightiest one.

    Structures' durability and efficient performance hinge on a small yet vital part, a fastener.

    Our task was to spread awareness about the same.

    The Indian construction industry recorded a growth of 17.1% in 2021 and was expected to grow by 5.8% in 2022. With over 35% y-o-y increase in capex and a proposed infrastructure spend of over Rs 10 lakh crore in Budget 2022-23, the Union government also reinforced its commitment to using infrastructure as a force multiplier for sustained economic growth.

    Our objective through this campaign was to showcase EJOT as the ultimate choice to match all kinds of infrastructure needs.


    The approach was simple yet unique for this B2B campaign.

    Through the Power of Small campaign, we wanted to showcase the small but mighty fasteners that can withstand the responsibility of securing any structures.

    Remember the classic saying, "small drops of water make the ocean," or how cells are the building blocks of our body—this inspired our thought behind the Power of Small campaign.

    Our idea was to highlight the responsibility of relying on each fastener used in various structures while simultaneously showcasing the multiple application areas through invigorating creative copies and inspiring creatives.

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    Plan of Action

    We wanted to highlight that ‘What may seem insignificant can hold great value’. We rolled out the campaign in 2 phases -

    Phase - 1


    We started with identifying the fasteners to match the functionality and use in a project as EJOT has a wide range of specific fasteners-

    • Airport
    • Railways
    • Buildings

    and juxtaposed the mighty construction inside the head of the fasteners.

    Phase 1
    0.9M reach
    0.9M reach

    Phase - 2


    We highlighted the functionality of each fastener depending on its key features; for example-

    • The JT3 bi-metallic screws are ideal for various applications of infrastructure projects.
    • For resilient roofing and cladding solutions, one must use the J2

    Recognising the gap in understanding the correct usage while positioning the fastener as a hero

    Usage of Creativity

    Each post was based on the same perspective of representing a miniature world of airports, metro stations, or projects set against the mighty fasteners. This gave a sense of how these structures are possible because of the strength and security fasteners provide.

    As for the creative captions, we used a perspective of the small things that make a bigger picture possible-

    It was David that made Goliath look, giant.

    Expected result

    Impressions- 356,825

    Post engagement- 43,810

    End Results


    Total Impressions


    Total Engagement


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