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  • Etrio - Launching India’s first E-LCV

    Campaign Objective

    Etrio is an EV start-up headquartered out of Hyderabad, Telangana. It is the only company in the country rolling out new EV products and electrifying existing ICE products. It is the first company to have received a regulatory certification for retrofitting by the Automobiles Research Association of India (ARAI) and ICAT.

    Etrio wanted to create awareness around the launch of India's first electric ELCV, ‘THE KING OF INTRACITY LOGISTICS’ The company also wanted to position the core thought of "EV for All" through a crisp and integrated communication across mediums, primarily Digital, Traditional PR and creative content creation (both static and videos).


    Promoting the tagline- king of intracity logistics by building up the digital launch through

    • Creating a brand film - factory visit
    • Profiling the CEO
    • Teasers and testimonial videos
    • Event and speak creatives
    • Post-event coverage video
    • PR by announcing “Etrio- India’s first ELCV” across major publications
    • Branded content tie up with ET Auto to announce the launch through a virtual webinar and inviting customers in the logistics sector for the launch

    Our services
    Social Media Marketing


    Time Spent
    Aug- Sep 2020

    Plan of Action

    Our budget was limited, so we had to impact decision-makers in the logistics and e-commerce sectors wisely to make them aware of the environmental and economic impact of the choice of their delivery vehicles. We achieved this in phases:

    Phase - 1

    • To create curiosity amongst logistics companies that a new ELCV is being launched for Intracity logistics.
    • Launching the registration landing page
    • Agenda for the Intracity logistics launch
    • Introducing speaker as a panellist from the Logistics industry
    • Video teasers for the launch of the vehicle

    Phase - 2

    • Introducing testimonials during the webinar on social media simultaneously along with the speakers.
    • Launching the vehicle through a 2 minute - Etrio’s eLCV factory walkthrough movie shot in Hyderabad and Delhi during the pandemic which was revealed during the webinar.
    • Live-tweeting during the webinar with more than 80 tweets during the three hours event.
    1.8K reach
    1.8K reach

    Phase - 3

    Post Event
    • To keep the excitement going, we created a series of short videos with the CEO and posted these snippets as #Didyouknow series on social media platforms
    • The media coverage that was received was amplified by tagging individual publications and creating backlinks for the content to be made more searchable (SEO)
    • Compiled the news mentions of the launch into a motion graphic and amplified it on social media
    • Promoting post-webinar takeaways and news mentions
    25K reach
    64K reach
    25K reach
    0.1M reach

    Usage of Creativity

    A unique concept that was unheard of in the ELCV industry, where the launch of a vehicle was for a specific industry vertical like Intracity Logistics. The campaign was specifically created for the Logistics Industry where one of the biggest pains of Intracity logistics was solved by Etrio. The tone and the manner were in line with the category. The colour scheme and style of creatives were appreciated by all stakeholders so much that customers like Mahindra Logistics, IKEA also co-promoted the same content through their official handles.

    Expected results

    • YouTube Video- Exp Impressions- 4,748
    • Facebook & Instagram Post Engagement- Exp Impressions- 1,27,298
    • LinkedIn Post Engagement- Exp Impressions- 8,300
    • Twitter Engagement- Exp Impressions- 20,287

    End Results



    Etrio, bagged more than 2,100 orders for Tata Ace from 317 corporate clients post-event.



    The tweet impressions in August were all organic with an exponential increase from only 1763 impression in the previous month



    The overall impressions of the campaign were almost 80,000



    Teasers and launch videos rank the highest in the last 2 years in terms of impressions and reach

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