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  • Youva- Engaging with the youth, parents and teachers during the pandemic

    Campaign Objective

    As one of the top 5 stationery brands, Navneet’s aim was to establish its relevance and empathy with its key customers through Youva’s brand communications.

    We targeted the three affected segments by rolling out campaigns in phases, in an effort to help them overcome the effects of Coronavirus. We chose to adopt a positive approach amidst the challenges while maintaining the brand proposition of - 'The creator in you’.

    As kids, teachers and parents were grappling with the idea of online learning and facing several challenges, we wanted to remind them of an alternative world they can escape to through their creativity.

    We engaged our audience directly through social media- Facebook, Instagram and Youtube – and others indirectly through influencer marketing, traditional PR and on-ground activations by mobilising the company’s distributors and retailers.

    Our campaign objective was to significantly increase relevant social media engagement of the brand – more views, more followers, more shares - by targeting the right audience, thereby increasing the sales of the products.

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    Digital marketing

    Youva- Navneet Publications

    Time Spent
    Mar- sep 2021


    Youva’s brand proposition – ‘The Creator in You’ was leveraged in a phased manner, using three clear chronological opportunities. We approached and involved each target audience separately and came up with a unique idea and concept to uplift the spirits of children, parents and teachers in successive phases of the campaign.

    Children/Students - The pandemic had put immense pressure on children as they shifted to an online model of learning with little interpersonal interaction. When one of the key festive occasions - Holi, the festival of colours – arrived, it presented the right opportunity to give children a chance to play with colours. With the pandemic-induced lockdown forcing kids to stay indoors, we thought of a fun way to encourage playing a safe Holi, promoting our colouring products in the process, through an innovative AR filter and creatives on social media.

    Parents – As the 2nd wave wound down and adults began leaving the house for work, we wanted to remind them to be safe while keeping in sync with our brand proposition of - ‘The creator in you’. We used the key influencers for parents - children to deliver this message through a fun and heartfelt film. This message was amplified through influencers, as well as Youva’s distributors and retailers – the people who drive our sales.

    Teachers - Our 3rd important stakeholder, who influence kids every day, were also facing a tremendous challenge of shifting to the online model of teaching. With so many brands already covering the ‘challenge’ aspect, we wanted to do something different.

    On Teacher’s Day, we called all middle-aged teachers and asked them fun and nostalgic questions. We drew a small parallel between their time as a student and now what students are going through. The film turned out to be engaging and emotional as the teachers reminisced about their old days.

    Plan of Action

    The phased campaign had a detailed targeting approach. The creatives and videos released as a part of our campaigns on the brand’s owned channels were re-posted across social media platforms to target new audiences that helped to emphasize the agenda and convey the messaging of Youva being more than just a brand that sells stationery.

    Phase - 1

    Holi Campaign - A virtual Holi party for the Youva fans! Which Holi Star are you!

    A festival like Holi which has the youngsters out on the streets celebrating with colours and loved ones was put at a halt because of Covid. Their lives were affected to a large extent throughout.

    We created an AR Holi filter by the name of Youva Holistars. A virtual Holi party for the Youva fans!

    This filter had interesting Holi character stickers, like-

    • Red Rollercoaster
    • Green Goer
    • Yellow Yapper
    • Blue Brainy
    • Orange Obsession

    Each avatar had characteristics unique and relatable to the kind of Holi players there are. A sharable filter, it created an organic buzz that worked based on face detection and picked up characters for each person on a randomized basis.

    Phase 1

    Phase - 2

    Get Well Soon India!

    The other affected segment were the parents. Be it the stress they had due to work from home, the commitments they had, taking care of the family to stay safe from the spread of the virus etc. we created a beautiful film called Get Well Soon India for Youva.
    The children came together to spread the awareness of the Dos and Don’ts during the pandemic and how we as a nation can follow certain norms to fight the Covid times, emotionally and practically. This film was a beautiful amalgamation of creativity with strong messaging.


    Influencer Activity

    Influencers organically contributed towards the Get well Soon India Campaign by reposting the video, creating Get well soon cards and promoting the thought through their stories and reels.

    Retailers and Distributors

    Eight thousand ‘Get well Soon India’ badges were distributed to retailers and distributors across India.

    465.5K people
    465.5K people

    Phase - 3

    Celebrating the spirit of Teachers

    The other most affected segment were the teachers. Adapting to new ways of teaching, acquiring the knowledge of becoming tech-savvy, shifting from the standard blackboard and chalk to suddenly laptops and keyboards was a drastic shift. We realised this change and stepped in again to uplift and celebrate the indomitable spirit of the teachers.

    A fun and emotional film which spoke about the time when teachers themselves were students, the subjects they liked and disliked, the punishments they got and how they chose to become the ones to create leaders of the nation. It also brought alive the challenges teachers faced during this shift to online teaching and how they learnt from their students at each stage.

    The Youva Teachers’ Day film was chosen by India’s leading advertising and marketing weekly Brand Equity
    as one of the top 10 Teacher’s Day campaigns for 2021, being named #2 in the list.

    Usage of Creativity

    With three separate campaigns, each speaking to a different audience, with different treatment and colour, it was necessary to maintain the key elements of the brand - its Nucleus. While each video or statics highlighted our product range in an engaging manner, we mobilised the audience through our vibrant creatives.

    End Results


    Influencer reach

    An increase in the number of followers on Instagram by 13.3% from February to August.


    Cumulative results achieved

    Increase in the number of subscribers by 413.1% from February to August

    21.6 M

    Facebook and Instagram

    Facebook and Instagram Total Reach

    62.6 M


    Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Video - Impressions which is a 45.5% increase than expected.

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