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  • Youva Originals- Bringing out the creator in millions

    Campaign Objective

    India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25, and for a brand like Youva, where the key target audience is primarily students starting from junior school till college, the pandemic caused a significant upheaval.

    As schools were compelled to go online. Our objective was to keep up the morale of our key target group.

    This is the story of how a leading stationery brand – Youva, from the house of Navneet Publications, brought this face-to-face physical interaction to millions at once and mobilised their key target group to explore their artistic side.

    This is the thought that gave rise to the property- Youva Originals.


    Youva believes in encouraging children to discover the #creatorinyou.

    So we created an online tutorial format for the DIY (Do it yourself) art series where we experimented with different techniques and styles using the wide range of Youva products, from paper to scissors to sketch pencils. These videos would consist of simple art projects to inspire the younger generation.

    Our services
    Social media marketing

    Youva - Navneet Publications

    Time Spent
    June 2021 - Present

    Plan of Action

    The strategy was to showcase techniques highlighting the month's star product. All Youva Originals videos were planned and shot in our in-house studio to bring cohesiveness to the theme.

    Phase - 1


    We started by creating an attractive logo unit which was animated and used in each film.

    Phase - 2

    The artists were selected after deliberation based on their strengths-
    • Cartoon Sketching
    • Double exposure painting
    • Stencil painting
    • Brush painting
    • Origami Puppet making

    and much more!

    Phase 1

    Phase - 3

    The screen-by-screen guidance and thumbnails are curated for each video individually to capture the attraction of the viewers and make it easier for children to understand.

    This property was established one year ago and had a dedicated set of viewers who tune in every Friday for a tutorial. Youva’s competitors like DOMS have also started an anthology similar to this post, the success on our page.

    Usage of Creativity

    Creativity is part of our fibre for a brand that stands to bring out the #CreatorInYou.

    Each video highlights a new genre of art and craft, and by using animated characters as part of the video, we added that extra charm. Through upbeat music and characters, we brought out the message in a creative manner.

    The campaign helped to energise the environment, thus increasing engagement amongst kids and parents that brought positive energy to beat the pandemic blues.

    Expected result

    Cost per Thruplay - Rs 0.50 Impressions- 3,19,13,529 (31M)

    Thruplays- 11,64,462 (1.1M)

    End Results

    4 M

    Total views


    Total Impression


    Total reach


    Total engagement

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