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  • Youva Stellar - A longbook with a contemporary vibe to break the clutter

    Campaign Objective

    As one of the top 5 stationery brands in India, Navneet’s aim was to establish its relevance with its key customers through Youva’s brand communications.

    Through their products, Youva enables children - the thinkers and doers of the world, to start on a fresh page, to create a brave new world by showcasing their innate creativity. Youva is for those who are always restless, never settling.

    To attract Gen Z, who are more likely than any other age group to say they would opt for products over experiences Youva had to develop a vibrant and inspiring design that would reflect the users’ dynamism and contemporary vibe to break the clutter.

    This is the story of the launch of their key product for the year Stellar.


    With many brands and SKUs available in the market for a longbook, we had to develop a unique product and campaign launch that would capture the attention of our target group.

    For a generation constantly looking for the next upgrade, we approached the product with that in mind.

    Step 1- Come up with an inspiring name

    Step 2- Design the logo and look of the product

    Step 3- Launch the campaign

    Step 4- Sustenance campaign

    Our product tagline and positioning - Youva Stellar - The Cool Upgrade

    We wanted to establish Youva Stellar as the premium cool upgrade from the insipid school long books.

    Our services
    Social media marketing

    Youva - Navneet Publications

    Time Spent
    Jan - 2022 Present

    Plan of Action

    Youva encourages kids to learn and evolve through each of its products constantly. We rolled out the product launch in phases-

    Phase - 1

    Product packaging
    • The product's name had to reflect the personality of the user. Hence we suggested and finalised the name- Youva Stellar.
    • After which, we created a logo and selected the colours of the longbook, neon and lively, to attract our key demographic- middle school to college students.
    Phase 1

    Phase - 2

    Product launch in the market

    -To ensure the key features and look of the longbook were highlighted a 2D video would not work. So we created a 3D animation showcasing the features of the longbook.

    -The 3D film allowed us to visually portray the thick paper and the cover's matte finish.

    -This film was followed by multiple static creatives displaying why Steller is a cool upgrade.

    17.2M impression

    Phase - 3

    • To sustain the hype around Stellar we released another version of the 3D video followed by a series of engaging posts.
    • Contest - To boost interaction, we created contest posts where we asked the fans to describe their Stellar experience creatively. The most exciting answer would be declared a winner and receive a Stellar hamper.
    Phase 1Phase 1
    Phase 1
    2.5M impression
    2.5M impression

    Usage of Creativity

    From cracking the logo to designing the look of the book to the 3D animation. Each step was seen in an integrated manner to ensure seamlessness in thought.

    The overall aesthetic of the video was chic yet trendy. The black background was picked in the animation video to make the product stand out. The video showcased the features of the long book like the bold colour choices, bleed-proof paper, strong binding etc.

    The static creatives were young and quirky, following the iconic Youva branding. The post contained catch and quirky phrases encouraging students to upgrade their simple long books with a cooler version.

    Expected result

    Youva Stellar Film

    Impressions- 1,72,39,583 (17.2 M)

    ThruPlay - 7,91,667 (0.7 M)

    Stellar Statics

    Impressions -12,82,052 (1.2 M)

    Post Engagement - 1,66,667 (0.1 M)

    Stellar Contest

    Impressions - 10,25,641 (1 M)

    Post Engagement - 133,333 (0.1 M)

    End Results

    1.2 M


    Sold of Stellar in 4 months

    17 M


    Youva Stellar Film

    2.5 M


    Stellar contest

    3.2 M

    Instagram & Facebook

    Stellar static

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