Children’s Day offer on Digital for Kids

Team ANTS is all set to welcome children aged 6 yrs and above for our Digital for Kids batches beginning December 25th, 2016. If you register by the 14th November, 2016 you can avail 10% off on the fee for each level that you register for. Digital for Kids comprises of the below mentioned:

The Coding Club
Kids learn to code and create web based and mobile based games.

The Creative Club
Kids learn to work with different creative tools like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and video editing tools like Premiere and FCP.

The Cyber Club
This program enables children to create their own websites using HTML and CSS                                                                 coding languages.

360_virtual_reality_zipmatch_viewingVirtual Reality helps make a better world

• Entertainment
Applications like Oculus Cinema allow users to have a movie experience with a private theater feel all to themselves.

 • Automotive
VR allows potential car buyers an ability to experience and customize not just colors, but electronics systems.

• Tourism
VR helps enchant the traveler with a deep connect to the destination and                                                                                  leaves them wanting to visit.

• Real Estate
The industry is able to offer 360 degree interactive video tours

• Healthcare
Virtual Reality is being used by psychiatrists to treat disorders related to                                                                                  phobias like flying, public speaking, or heights.

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