The Creative Side of Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming has become a trend, and brands are using it to offer valuable information to its user. It’s instant gratification for users and brands. With live video streaming, brands can connect with their customers and prospects in a whole different way.

If you’re not using live video streaming, it’s time you catch up. Live Video has opportunities that go beyond pre-scheduled posts and tweets. With most Social Media platforms providing the live streaming option, brands have a chance to be more authentic.


Here is how Live Stream can help brands:

  1. It helps in keeping your audience engaged
  2. Has the potential to reach a larger audience
  3. Brings the opportunity to share the latest news and fun updates
  4. Brands have been using Live Stream to share behind the scenes which customers appreciate
  5. Used to hold live conversations and builds influencer outreach

Live Video Streaming is here to stay and brands are using it to promote products and engage with users. So what makes live streaming successful? Is it because of the impromptu nature of it?


Let’s take a look at how some brands have leveraged Live Video Streaming:

  1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed’s live stream on the “making a watermelon explode” went viral. The video showed two people attempting to make a watermelon explode by tying numerous rubber bands around it. This was neither a product or service, it was a fun live stream and people watched it for 45 minutes.

What is most noteworthy, is that it has been able to generate more than 5 million view and 807,000 comments.

  1. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin is known to have some of the best creatives and posts. Their live stream called “DD Test Kitchen” was a hit. They went live on Valentine’s Day and showed their viewers how they come up with new ideas and creations. They ended the video with a huge donut themed wedding cake. The video generated 36000 views, which was another feather in the cap for Dunkin Donuts.

  1. Tastemade

Anyone who has seen tastemade videos knows their videos show the mouth watering food videos. Most noteworthy, was when they live streamed, they took cooking to a new level. The video stream called “Tiny Kicthen” literally has a tiny kitchen with tiny utensils and tiny ingredients. Inspired by Japan’s miniature cooking, the video shows meals being prepared from start to finish, only difference is everything is tiny. The video generated 3.7 million views.

How can brands use live video streaming to their benefit?

live video streaming


Here are a few tips:

  1. Prepare an Introduction and Finale

First of all, nothing is worse than an unprepared speech, especially in front of a live audience. The whole idea is to be real, having an introduction and a good end to your video will leave your customer with something to take away.

  1. Authenticity

Customers love it when brands can be as real during their interactions. This, as a result, makes the broadcasting seem unrehearsed and the user gets to see the real people behind the brand. They key is to be authentic and stay natural.

  1. Go LIVE regularly

The more you live stream, your audience will expect and moreover, look forward to it more. As a result, they will become regular viewers and hence, you will only get better at it every time. Whether it is regular updates or a new event, make live video streaming a part of your digital strategy.

  1. Add Humour

Humour connects audience more. With humour, you can make some boring concepts interesting and keep your audience hooked. Therefore, increasing your list of repeat customers, which consequently will boost the positivity of your brand. In addition to that, who doesn’t love humour?

  1. Right Camera Angle

It’s very important to capture what you are streaming completely or shoot from an angle that clearly displays your concept. Be careful about zoom and shaky hands, it can distract and make users leave. While most customers prefer to watch a video rather than read text based content, they probably won’t even take a second to leave a video view if the quality is low.

In conclusion, Live Video Streaming is the new disruption, an innovative way to captivate audiences.

It’s time to be a part of this disruption before more and more brands step in. And finally, it’s time to make your mark in the Live Video space now.

We at ANTS, regularly go LIVE and love the feedback that we receive from our customers. It has become an integral part of our events and campaigns and we go live as much as we can because it is a great way to showcase our work.

Finally, are you interested in knowing more about The Power of Live Video Streaming? Then you can contact us here and get started.



Gurmeet Oberoi
Gurmeet Oberoi

Gurmeet, comes to us from House ANTS, the first of her name, Protector of all Digital Protocols, Deviser of Digital War Campaigns, Mother of the Untrained.

Gurmeet is a Digital Marketing Trainer at ANTS. Head of Training, PPC and Consulting Projects. She’s an avid cook and runs her own food blog called

All views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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