Demonetisation for Startups – Good or Bad?

Demonetisation for Startups – Good or Bad? 

The demonetization move in India this 8th will be a slight initial hiccup but will eventually yield long term benefits.

The initial hindrance would be caused in response to combatting all the black money in transaction. Hence spenders who relied on the same to make their purchases will now have to curb their expenses. Small start-ups dealing with immediate cash will face a short term crisis though with time, all will be forced to adopt cashless technologies.

The long term benefits will be in response to the banks and financial institutions gaining monetary assets, which mean more money being available for lending to startups.

Bmydonor – Finding blood donors online image

Thalassemia patients require blood transfusions every two to three weeks for survival. ANTS Digital uses Digital Marketing methods to find blood donors. is a platform created and marketed by ANTS Digital that educates and encourages people to donate blood regularly. The recipient’s family donates a small amount to the charity selected by the donor on his behalf.

We urge you to register yourself as a donor and help someone live. Log on to or visit our facebook page to see the work we’re doing.

Gamification in Recruitmentimage

Gamification makes the hard stuff, fun and so companies have introduced gamification to their recruitment process.

Besides aiding them in formulating informed decisions, gamification makes the selection process better organised as it allows them to focus only on applicants that have cracked precise role-related tasks.

Examples of gamification in the IT Sector include Code Jams, Gamethons and logic based Quizzes to help test their skills and knowledge base. This is especially relevant for applicants who have the technical knowhow but lack the interpersonal skills necessary for an interview.

Entities like Google have adopted such concepts and have witnessed tangible efficiencies both in their recruitment and retention.


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