Digital for Kids begins with a Bang!

Digital for Kids begins with a Bang!The-First-Day-of-Winter-Camp-2016-3.png

ANTS Digital celebrated Christmas by launching the 3rd season of “Digital for Kids – Winter Camp”. The Coding Club which has to its credit over 500 trained kids and over 9000 hours of coding went live with new kids joining the workshop.

The Game Coding Club has seen a growth of over 100% in the last two seasons. Children have shown keenness to learn coding, creative tools and applications which help them in their daily projects and school work.

The next batch of Coding, Creative and Cyber clubs will begin from January 2, 2017 at ANTS Digital.

To Register Call 09643133067 or 08375959456.

India: Second Biggest Startup Ecosystemimage

In 2017 India will have the second biggest startup ecosystem in the world. Over 800 new companies will join the band wagon and take up the total number of Startups to 3100 by end of 2016. Nasscom reports that as many as 11,500 startups will come up in the country and increase employability for over 2,50,000 people by 2020.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is planning to visit India to host an event which is likely to see participation from Google in the Startup India and Digital India initiatives taken by the government.

Join a course in Digital Marketing and help kick start your startup. To know more Call 09643133067 or Click Here.

Digital Marketing Trends that ruled 2016image

In 2016 some of the innovations that kept the Digital Marketing trend up above the rest were:

Augmented reality: Pokemon Go! was the big gaming breakthrough of the year. Many industries from travel to health realised the relation between conumer engagment and AR .

Omni-channel shopping: While shopping on the street consumers begin to check their phones to compare prices or use vouchers and seek alternatives. Brands need to be aware of this.

Gig- Economy: The connected world made it easier for people to buy and sell instant services in real time, whether its private plane rides or a home-cooked meal.

Ad- Block: Brands need to create content that will pro-actively seek out and ask for change in behavior of the tech savvy consumer who is aware of ad block.

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