Digital Marketing – Why its a necessity more than a choice

Why Digital Marketing?

Everyone’s talking about Digital Marketing. It is finally finding a place in the marketing plans of the big brands with established marketing expertise. It is also figuring in the marketing plans of smaller brands that believe in growth hacking and smart marketing.

Most online marketers would agree with this. Developing an effective digital plan for digital marketing efforts is just as much of an art as it is a science.

A survey by Gartner found this. Most companies are spending between 10-50% of their marketing budget on digital marketing activities, with the average at 25%. At present, 75% of that digital marketing budget is spent on activities and management and 25% on maintaining presence. We will see those tables turning soon.

This is the reason why digital marketing strategy has become the focus of most marketing strategies. It is because consumers and businesses are consuming information, products and services on the web. This change itself is a result of technology that has made searching, buying and paying so easy on the web. We also cannot forget that mobile is our closest buddy, in an arm’s reach and always there to help.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing


There are advantages and challenges to digital marketing that all marketers will have to consider. Such knowledge will help them be in the right position to capitalize on opportunities both now and in the future. It’s best to start with a small list here’s one.

Advantages of digital marketing:

1. Global internet users

Cisco is the largest networking American tech company in the world that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment worldwide. It has reported that by 2019, there will be 3.9 billion global internet users, just over half the world’s population. Smart companies and smart workforce will have to learn digital marketing. This will make it possible for them to specifically and personally reach out to each of these people.

2. Video marketing

Cisco also estimates that by 2017, as much as 70% of consumer internet traffic will be online video. We understand the need to learn video marketing, gif making, animation and more.

3. Social media marketing

Forbes, an engineering and logistics company did a survey. It revealed that 78% of the respondents said that the social media posts by the company influence their purchase decisions. But then these are posts that aren’t random but are strategy driven to meet an objective.

4. Mobile-first

Econsultancy is a research company with a focus on digital business, marketing and ecommerce. They concluded that 62% of the companies that created a website specifically for mobile, mobile-first website, had increased their sales. Now, with smartphone users checking their devices up to 150 times in a day, the importance of a mobile first website is well understood.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Challenges of digital marketing:

1. User Interface (UI)

Demand Metric which is a global marketing research & advisory firm conducted a survey. It found that 94% of respondents of a study conducted their first impression of a website centered on design. It takes a lot of effort and money to get a user to your website. Just dumping all the content at one place without paying attention will only ensure that the user leaves the website forever. Use aesthetics that comes with the science of User Interface.

2. Page speed

40% of the respondents said that they left the site if it took more than three seconds to load. You can optimize the websites in the following ways-

  • Optimize images
  • Reduce redirects
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Research the software your server uses
  • Research the hosting solution
  • Use a content distribution network.

 3. Content marketing

82% of consumers surveyed felt more positive about a brand after they read custom content from that brand. This means that companies will have to produce contextual content. They will also have to distribute it where it will be found by the target audience.


I will be keeping these statistics in mind. In my next blog, I will be outlining a few essential digital marketing skills. Every business leader will need to master them in order to stay ahead in the changing landscape of marketing. To learn Digital Marketing, have a look at our programs.


Archana Arora
Archana Arora

Archana, Founder of House ANTS, the first of her name, Ruler of All Things Digital, Protector of the Name, Leader and Provider of the House.

Archana is the Founder and Director at Ants Digital. A Digital Marketing Expert and Strategist. Passionate about all things Digital, she has extended an enthusiastic welcome to the Information Age.

All views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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