Digital Marketing Review : A look back at the trends

A Quick Digital Marketing Review for the year 2016

Here’s a quick Digital Marketing review for the year 2016 and the trends developed by digital marketers from all across the world. Digital Marketing in 2016 witnessed creative ideas, new trends and disrupted the industry. The year 2016 has been exciting in the world of digital marketing. So, let’s explore which online marketing trend ruled and changed the game.

Video Streaming

digital marketing review

Periscope, the video streaming app, created a buzzword back in 2015. But it wasn’t until the rolling out of “Facebook Live” in addition to the acquisition of Periscope by Twitter that live video streaming finally became a trend. Live video is quite an easy way to interact with friends and followers as well as stream content. Especially for interactive sessions such as Q and A, as it encourages participation in an apt way.

Local SEO

Local SEO gained far more importance with the incorporation of a number of impactful changes by Google in the way search results provide instant information about local businesses.

It has now become indispensable to have local business listed on Google for improving search visibility.

 App-based marketing

Apps are no longer a new concept. We saw some major breakthroughs in app-technology which augmented their utility, even making them capable of replacing traditional websites. While Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are fully optimized for mobile phones in order to drive more user engagement,  thereby, keeping them from leaving the application whenever possible.

Furthermore, Google came up with the feature of “app streaming”, which allows consumers to use apps from search results only without the need to download them.

Focused Audience targeting

Content marketers had new and powerful ways to better target their audience. Advertising Giants like Google and Facebook came up with advanced targeting features. This, powered with audience personalization armed marketers with tools to help enhance precision. These features opened up new frontiers in content marketing warfare among rivals.

Augmented Reality

digital marketing review

Virtual reality stood as the winner in 2016 and Augmented reality turned out to be the topic in hand. The breakthrough was in AR technology and its mass adoption. Snapchat was the first to witness this through Pokemon Go and Microsoft Hololens followed suite. As a result, this territory was then mapped by advertisers, therefore, trying to find every opportunity to convey their messages to the potential customers.

Smart wearable

2016 marked the era of Wearable gadgets. Smart watches and VR gadgets became a trend and grew quite fast making online marketers change their strategy. In conclusion, smart wearables helped deliver content in a precise way, hence saving time and providing data in the most informative manner.

The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to be prepared for any challenge the ever changing digital world throws at us by keeping ourselves updated.

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