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Training Digitally Inclined Kids in the Best Way Possible!

Digitally inclined kids, don’t we hear this term often these days? Millennial children have been a step ahead the entire time. However, this digitally inclined generation is a lot faster on the uptake than their senior counter parts. Children that are aged 8 and have created games that are complex and interesting and those at 10 who’ve created graphics that you and I may find difficult to achieve.

What does this tell us?

Children these days have an innate thirst for knowledge, a need to create and a drive to achieve. You might say that children have always been curious and willing to learn, so what makes the millennials different?

For starters, these kids have been exposed to all things digital from an early age. Their grasp and know how of the same is much stronger than someone 20 years their senior.

Schools, on one hand have taken this into account and included a lot of digitally powered courses into their curriculum. Everything from computers to robotics to coding gets covered in some of the most popular schools across India. But what happens when these curious cats are home from school?

Digitally inclined kids can now learn more, especially when they’re on breaks like Winter Vacations!

You start planning hobby classes well in advance to keep them occupied. Don’t you? But how many times are you going to send them for the same old art classes and guitar training sessions and so on?  We can enrol them for short term courses which would help them in their future careers.

digitally inclined kids


ANTS Digital takes care of one such problem. With our Digital For Kids Winter Camp, we have three Digital Clubs for Kids. Including a Creative Club, a Cyber Club and a Coding Club.

These clubs teach the children a plethora of things including graphic designing, video editing, presentation making, game coding and website building. And all this on their computers!

Thought that only adults could do those things? You couldn’t be more wrong. Our youngest students to code their own games were Divik Gupta and Divij Dhingra aged six and Ranveer and Suhani Rauniyar aged seven!

So this winter, let you child run free with all things digital! Get them enrolled for one of ANTS’ Winter Camp batches, and open them up to a world of codes, graphics and computers. This will enable them to code their own games, create their own graphics and build their own websites.

If you’d like to enrol your child for any of the above courses, click here.


Rachita Kotwal
Rachita Kotwal

Rachita, comes to us from House ANTS, the first of her name, Knight of All Things Creative, Gatekeeper of Content and Brand, Ruler of The Social Realms.

Rachita, is an Account Manager at ANTS Digital. A Social Media Enthusiast, she heads Creative Content, Illustrations and manages Client Interactions. A voracious reader and a psychology major with some whacky ideas about life and people.

All views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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