Ensuring that your website has the Best Landing Page Design

Ensuring that your website has the Best Landing Page Design

Ideally, the ultimate landing page is a standalone yet complete web page that is separate from your main website and is meant for a visitor to arrive at or land on when he clicks an advertisement. There are two types of landing pages, Click Through and Lead Generation. Lead Generation Landing pages are also referred to as Lead Gen or Lead Capture pages. The objective of lead generation landing pages is capturing user data. Whereas, a Click Through landing page is made with the objective of encouraging visitors to get to another page after reading more about the product or service that caught their attention in the first place. Such pages are best suited for E-Commerce websites.

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In this day and age Photography has become an extension of how we interact and communicate with others. Due to the easy access of phones and tablets even children have gotten into photographing their thoughts and findings. Strengthening their connection between visual and other forms of expression. Photography can help develop a child’s voice, vision and identity as it pertains to their family, friends and community.
And so we here at ANTS Digital have decided to curate two more courses in our Digital For Kids programs! Apart from the existing three i.e. Cyber, Coding and Creative, we’re now offering Photography and VFX Motion Graphics too!

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