Facebook: the new e-commerce marketplace

imageFacebook: the new e-commerce marketplace

A recent survey suggested that nearly half of the total Facebook users use the platform to actively look for products in their newsfeed, pages or groups. Facebook’s looking to extend that process – but instead of focusing on businesses and brands, The Social Network is pushing a new form of online marketplace, along the lines of Craigslist, to facilitate community buying and selling.

Facebook’s new marketplace option, which has been rolled out to users in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand on October 3rd, will get high visibility, with its placement being right in the middle of the bottom function bar, where Messenger used to be. The lisitings are displayed based on your location and listed interests.

imageCodeSpark raises $4.1 million for games that teach kids how to code

A Los Angeles based startup called codeSpark has recently raised $4.1 million in seed funding for web and mobile based games that teach kids how to code, even before they know how to read and write. Targetted to children between the ages of 4-9 years, and engaging children of both genders (with an intention to break from traditional gender stereotypes), these games will be available for free in public schools, libraries and non profits.

In times to come, codes will be embedded in everything in our lives if it is not already. If we as a nation have to establish our superiority in the field of technology, then we need more people that understand that principle, people who can understand things like what loops, variables and sequences are. It will matter even if coding is not your occupation.

imageHealthcare Startups: Identifying the health gap in India

If you’re someone from the healthcare industry looking to increase access to healthcare in India today, Healthcare IT has a huge potential in India. Since healthcare here is an extremely unorganised sector, a few startups have been working on innovative solutions to improve peoples’ access to healthcare services by connecting you to doctors, pharmacists and medical consultancies with a click of a button.

We now have health care delivery platforms like Practo and Lybrate, startups that simplify the process of diagnostics like Perfint Technologies and Biosense Technologies, specialty care startups like MyDentist and digital platforms that record your health statistics.

However, the healthcare gap in rural India remains abhorent even now. There is a dire need for more healthcare startups to enter the untapped rural market that has limited or no access to healthcare. Simple low cost health solutions in rural India can revolutionse the health industry today, and our hopes are set on IT startups to bring about this change.

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