Five brilliant apps to increase an entrepreneur’s productivity

Five brilliant apps to increase an entrepreneur’€™s productivity

best-iphone-and-ipad-entrepreneurs-apps1. Evernote creates digital notebooks for everything – to keep track of expenses, managing calendars and even creating slide show presentations.
2. Pocket expense tracks daily spending, is easy to use and very customizable.
3. Daslan Password Manager protects login IDs and passwords of your personal, professional and social media accounts.
4. Telegram helps to create and manage your personal, professional and client based groups.
5. Humin manages networks and combines contacts, dialing and voice mailboxes to calculate the most important contacts.

How Pokemon Go has cracked the augmented reality code

pokemongo_twitter11Soon after the Pokemon Go app was launched on July 6th, Similar Web found that it was installed more times than the most popular dating app on Android phones. Android users have been spending more time on Pokemon Go than on Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat.
In light of the recent Pokemon Go success, it’s apparent that we need to make games which are consumer friendly, can be easily downloaded, and do not require one to buy a thousand dollar bulky headset.
Also, with huge success of the Pokemon app, there is a scope of building more ambitious AR program games for interested audiences.

A short guide for an effective Digital Marketing Strategy

six-parameters-to-measure-roi-on-digital-marketing1.Define your business goal: Be clear about your goal – whether it is raising awareness or increasing revenue.
2.Describe customer segments: Understand prospective customers’ challenges and then create relevant communication to translate them in action.
3.Understand customer journey: Deep understanding of a customer’s path to purchase can help in making better strategies.
4.Map your business objective to key performance indicators (KPIs): Map your business objectives to your digital KPIs.
5.Establish your reporting: Report KPIs down to platform and post level.

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