How to gain followers on Twitter


How to gain followers on Twitter

1. Discover your audience: Followerwonk is a great tool to discover audiences – it creates a word map that summarises the interest of your followers based on their personal information.

2. Aim of the game: Post relevant quality content.

3. Sourcing Content: One can source content using Feedly, a content aggregator that will base its searches on your follower’s genuine interest.

4.A picture paints a thousand words: Use images as an essential accompaniment to any tweet as they draw attention and make a great visual summary. Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and   150% more retweets.

                        Google gives space to ‘Black Girls Code’

image As part of its social vision, Google is working towards getting more children, especially girls, to pick up coding. In an effort to connect young girls directly with the tech industry, ‘Black Girls Code’, an organisation founded in 2011, now has its own space within the confines of the Google New York Headquaters. In many ways, this paves a path for young black girls to be a part of the Google workforce someday.


imageThe 2 most common SEO Mistakes E-Commerce sellers make

Spamming your own content:
If you’re an e-commerce seller whose unnaturally stuffing meta tags, URLs, product descriptions, and other content with keywords, this can lead to a drop in ranking instead of a boost.

Lacking Product Reviews:
SEO isn’t all about your links in search. Once people click on your link, they also need to be convinced to buy your product. 61% of the consumers will refer to reviews before making a purchase.


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