Gamification Strategy – The Future for Marketers of Applications

Gamification Strategy for Marketers: The Next Best Bet 

Gamification is the concept of applying game design and mechanics to achieve the desire and needs of the users revolves around the idea of achievements and status. Marketers today are applying Gamification Strategy to their products and services to attract enthusiastic users. However, some of them are unable to connect the user on an emotional level.

Gamification comes alive when a concept or any idea converts into an application by engagement.

Gamification includes a number of psychological concepts, especially regarding motivation, behavior, and personality. Deep fluency and understanding of these concepts is one of the most important keys to proper gamification implementation.

Why Brands Need a Gamification Strategy

Gamification involves emotional influence and games at their root promote them. Typically, when a user interacts with the features of the application, he/she experiences an emotion that is driven by dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released by the brain, the effect is a pleasure chemical. The user is hooked and continues engaging with the product.

According to Markets and Markets, one of the largest market research firms worldwide, the Gamification market will be worth $11.1 billion by the year 2020.

The implementation of good Gamification strategies is crucial for brands today. With so many brands applying concepts of Gamification, user’s aim is to win rewards and badges. But, what they fail to understand is how the reward system works because of poor user interface and experience. Hence, consistent engagement is very important for long-term benefits.

Gabe Zichermann, the founder of Dopamine Inc. (an agency focused on gamified campaigns) and author of “The Gamification Revolution”, believes, “One of the things that I’ve learned is that people often start the process of gamification by saying it’s a way to fix a problem. I say step back and look and try to determine what is the actual issue and try to work on it as part of a gamification initiative.”

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 Gamification, Emotion and Innovation

Gamification can produce a strong emotional response with users, which is why it is important to keep the user engaged. Hence, marketers need to pay attention to the authenticity of the concept. A user expects a reward for doing something and at times ends up purchasing features to lead at levels; an example of one such game is Candy Crush Saga. This anticipation leads to the release of dopamine; however, this emotion is many a time manipulated. As a result, users lose interest, no matter how interesting the idea.

The drawback of making people experience such an emotion is that the brands push the user towards rewards rather than brands marketing the product with the intention of driving motivation.

Just Gamification is not enough, having a Gamification strategy is equally important. For Marketers investing in gamification, the end result should be the effectiveness of the concept and not the pleasure chemical effect of gaining users. As a marketer, this will lead to continuous analysis and further research for positive user engagement.

ANTS Digital’s new Gamification vertical and has also supported a few gamified campaigns. To learn more about how Gamification can help your business, visit our Gamification page.

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