The Application of game elements to non-game context is Gamification
Gamification takes the characteristics we like about games and adds them to our everyday actions to make them more interactive
Game elements leverage our love of competition and reward and use it to encourage certain actions
By changing the way people think about behaviour, Gamifications can change people’s habits

Why Gamification
Gamification is fast catching up across industry segments


7 keys to Gamification

  • Users

    Anyone who participates in a gamification platform
    Customers, Employees

  • Feedback

    Instant positive feedback on completion that motivates to do it again
    Feedback mechanics are gamification elements

  • Badges

    Badges are given when action is completed
    Each achievement adds to a point

  • Leaderboards

    Help users to foster the sense of community and teams

  • Progress

    Completion, achieving the next level, multiple stages

  • Rewards

    Instant reward on completion of action

  • Social Recognition

    Empowering users to share their experience and showcase their achievements

Industries that are looking at gamifications

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