Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill- a great move by the Indian Govt. for E-Commerce Industry

imageGoods and Services Tax (GST) Bill- a great move by the Indian Govt. for E-Commerce

Implementation of a GST Tax – the common tax regime in India – will now simplify the complicated tax structure and make life much easier for E-retailers.
End users will also benefit by not paying for over the top costs of the state tax system.
Implementation of the GST will therefore encourage people to open E-commerce portals to sell services and goods across states.
Also, there will a 5% reduction in the overall cost structure of inventory based E-retailers due to a waiver in service tax, helping struggling e-retailers breakeven and be more viable.

imageFour free marketing tools for startups

1.Spaces’ free logo maker: Using Spaces’ free logo maker, Startups can make an impressive logo which speaks about their brand image without the added cost of a designer.
2.SurveyMonkey: Within a short span of time, one can now design, create and publish startup surveys with SurveyMonkey.
3.Sniply: A powerful tool which helps in attaching an inbound button or a call to action to an article shared on an influencer’s website.
4.Scrapper: A tool to extract all kinds of content, ranging from contacts to competitor’s data, from web pages and save it in the form of excel sheets.

A fun filled coding curriculum for kids

What do you feel about coding a character from Frozen? Or Star Wars? After successful partnership with Microsoft, (a technology based non-profit) has now partnered with Disney and Lucas Film to create an 80-hour computer science course that will be integrated in school’s curriculum.
With this move, characters from Disney can create interests and bridge the transition from short introductory tutorials to a complete computer science course.
Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive media, visions that computer science coding courses will play a critical role in the careers of next generation of innovators and storytellers..

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