Humanizing Brands – 7 simple ways you could try

Humanizing Brands is a great way to help your target audience feel connected with your business.

You could be at any stage of your business but humanizing brands is important to garner preference and loyalty from your target audience. Here are 7 simple ways you could try.

1. Add personality to your brand to define it

Treat your brand as a human and add personality to it. You can use mascots and adopt a voice and tonality that brings it out. The Amul girl conveys the fun aspect of just a butter brand. The Air India Maharaja denotes hospitality. You can actually run A/B tests to see what works.

2. Infuse humour

Why so serious on the social media platforms? Don’t be afraid to add some fun through puns and memes. Add videos even if it is a mute video. Do behind the scenes, funny interviews, throw in challenges. String your social media humanization strategy with something that helps you amuse your target audience. It isn’t advisable to use the social media platforms to just keep your customers informed about your products and services. These are after all, engagement platforms and are called social media for a reason.

3. Easy to understand language

Online communication is not a test of your language skills. Therefore, use simple language. Something that is easy to understand. Remember, people from different countries with varied levels of understanding of your language can access your content. Therefore, what you write should be universally understood.

4. Doing social media in advance

If you’re a blogger in the B2B space writing about something that is either technical or does not change on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense for you to write in advance and schedule your content. But if you are in a B2C space where things are more dynamic in nature, then avoid posting in advance. It is best to base your communication contextually after scanning the environment.

5. Ensure online and offline synchronisation

The personality you portray online must be in sync with the offline impression you give to your consumers in that moment of truth. Therefore, it is imperative to practice offline what you preach online. Ensure that people in the store or office speak your online language. A funny kid brand on social media cannot have cold people in the store. People working for your restaurant that has a posh tonality online cannot have unpolished waiters serving the customers. That’ll be a disconnect.

6. Engage with your target audience

Don’t just disseminate information. Invite engagement through polls, quizzes, feedback and also by answering questions that your customers are seeking answers to. Do the thing your target audience likes, like snapchatting your reply to a young audience. That would be a next level thing and will establish immediate connect.

7. Show transparency

Talk about your product, service, processes and more. Genuinely invite feedback asking for suggestions through comments and tweets. Say that you’ll work upon them to improve your offerings. When you involve your target audience to co-create, they are likely to feel more connected and hence, will show more loyalty.

As more and more companies move towards marketing automation, humanizing brands will help your target audience feel more connected with your brand. Humanizing brands will help them know that you understand and care for them. It will establish the fact that you are not in business just for the money of it but that you genuinely endeavor to make your offering better.

And that you really are listening to them.

Archana Arora
Archana Arora

Archana, Founder of House ANTS, the first of her name, Ruler of All Things Digital, Protector of the Name, Leader and Provider of the House.

Archana is the Founder and Director at Ants Digital. A Digital Marketing Expert and Strategist. Passionate about all things Digital, she has extended an enthusiastic welcome to the Information Age.

All views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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