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Entrepreneur takeaways are plenty on an everyday basis. However today I am getting a bit philosophical. I thought that before I stir a storm in my head, I’d rather pen down – or in today’s times “type” – all that I am thinking.

Before that, a little about me. I am an entrepreneur in the making who is setting up an e-commerce company dealing in Indian handicrafts and handlooms. The aim is two-fold: first, to provide a bigger market for Indian handicrafts and handlooms and second, to help artisans adapt their craft to create contemporary and utilitarian products. I’ve been working on starting this project for the past 6 months after quitting a growing and successful career with a multi-national corporation to pursue my passion for the Indian arts.

I am not the first one to take this step and definitely not the first in the Indian handicrafts space. Though my journey has just begun, it has already given me experiences worth learning and sharing. I have attempted to capture some of those entrepreneur takeaways below –

A solo expedition

It might sound harsh, but it’s true. It is great if you find a business partner who echoes your passion for the business. However, if that’s not the case, then you have to take the rollercoaster ride alone. Your business will require you to be involved in all aspects, all the time.

Avoid seeking validation

First time entrepreneurs are generally not well-versed with the nuances of running a business. They often seek validation for their work and tend to consume a lot of free advice. Trust your instincts! I remember a quote from Mark Cuban (billionaire entrepreneur and owner of Dallas Mavericks) – “Never take advice from someone who does not have to live with its consequences.”

Make data a trusted friend

Every business requires insights. Make a data pool by mapping the market, understanding customer behavior, competition analysis, conducting surveys. Keep yourself updated with information relevant to your business and industry. Use this collective data for the benefit of your business.

Understand the concepts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a strong channel of marketing for any business. Its real strength is that it helps you track your Marketing ROI and provides valuable insights about your target audience. There are many blogs and forums that can help you learn the concepts of digital marketing. I chose to do a course at ANTS Digital in Gurgaon to learn about this field in a structured manner.


Remember the 3 Ps

This is the real key. The 3 Ps are – perseverance, passion and positivity. You have to be determined and patient with your business. If you wish to create a strong and sustainable business, then it is going to take some time. Have a solution-oriented approach and always be passionate about business.


These are some of my learnings and I hope they help you. This is an opportune time to be an entrepreneur in India with state and private encouragement. If you have the entrepreneurial zeal, then trust yourself and embark upon the journey.

Tanvi Sangal,

Founder, Indiavaale

For More information log on to :https://antsdigital.in/programs/decoding-startup-by-sheroes/


Sonal Munjal
Sonal Munjal

Sonal, comes to us from House ANTS, the first of her name, Hand of the Queen, Overseer of the House Vassals and Code, Maester of Interactions.

Sonal is the Centre Manager at ANTS Digital. Head of Human Resources and Operations. She’s a keen painter and has varied divination skills.

All views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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