Live Feed on Social Media: Big Boon for Business

imageLive Feed on Social Media: Big Boon for Business

Show live product demos – You can help customers by providing them a step by step action for your product.

Connect with your audience – Its feels more personal and is interactive when you respond to comments via a live feed. Hence a lot of influencers use live twitter or facebook feeds to their advantage.

Sneak peek into behind the scenes – To create a prelaunch buzz, a quick look into the preparations for the same can be broadcasted on social media.

Promote an event via an insider view – One can make sure they are able to engage maximum people at any given hour and share with them all the proceedings in motion.

imageHow Gamification can make websites more Engaging

Fostering Community – This creates a stronger bond between the fellow users and website, making for a more engaged and committed reader base.

Resonating with Readers – It makes people react when they see something funny, referential, nerdy, etc. things that a person can relate to and feel even more comfortable.

Room for Growth – The aim is to give surfers something to keep them motivated and remain active. Involving the community in the gaming dynamics gets readers further excited about and they remain invested longer.

Another major algorithm update from Google is here

Likely called Possum, Google rolls out an algorithm change based on the belief that users want to see the search results closest to where they are at that moment.

It will affect local business search results and rankings. Those to benefit will be the businesses on the outskirts of a city that previously did not figure in the search results because of their out-of-the-way location. The losers may be those multi-location businesses who invested time and energy in creating multiple listings for each individual entity in the business.

Now, businesses that need traffic from other geographic areas might need to better their marketing mix to include more targeted advertising, social media and pay-per-click campaigns.

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