Modi launches BHIM app

Modi launches BHIM appbhim-kSWH-621x414@LiveMint.jpg

BHIM (Bharat for Interface Money), commonly known as the BHIM app was launched on 30th December 2016 with an aim to include every citizen and create a cashless economy.

Key features of BHIM App are:

• The app can transfer money or make a payment directly from the bank to any phone number

• The app is connected to your bank account like a debit card. One need not load money in the wallet before using it

• The app allows vendors to generate a QR code and the consumer can scan it

• BHIM can work on any kind of phone

• And It does not require an active Internet connection

Digital for Kids Winter Batch Starts Jan 9thimage

2017 started with ANTS Digital hosting the 42nd batch of the Digital for Kids Game Coding, Website Building, Computer Language and Creative workshops. Having empowered more than 500 young minds, ANTS Digital is all set to bring in a new generation of game coders, graphic designers and website builders.

The Coding Club enables children to code web, mobile and sensor based games
The Creative Club is the perfect stop for a budding graphic designers and video editors
The Cyber Club involves website building with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap or WordPress. Kids can learn Javascript and Python too.

Enrolments for the batches starting 9th January 2017 are ongoing. Call 09643133067 now!

Why is SEO Important for a Business?image

User Experience: It is ultimately about providing the user with the fastest and the best search experience. This leads to a mutual win-win for both the user and the search engine

Building Credibility: People unconsciously trust search engine results. If Google places Sid’s Pizza in the top spot of a search, then the user feels it must have earned that place and must be good

Potential for Conversion: A consumer is already convinced of his need before searching. SEO enables you to present yourself in one of the top search results which can lead to a conversion

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