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    Our Motion Graphic designers are always creating amazing content, with a turnaround time less than 3 hours. Ants Digital tops up as a motion graphic company over and above its digital role. Content is king for any brand, as an agency we felt the need to be able to provide in-house support on Motion graphics to our clients.

    Types of

    Motion Graphics

    Mejority of social media posts are now dynamic and adding motion to our graphics to what we feel is going to replace static posts. We adapt our motion graphics on modern day trends, take inspiration from global content and churn out art work which is more catered to our target audience. The team brings these motion graphics alive with a strong sense of audio mixes too. Our graphic studio is well equipped with an audio and visual bank allowing us to look for relevant imagery quickly and create content almost instantly.

    Kinectic Typo

    Character Animation

    2D Animation

    3D Animation