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    Cyberspace is a wonderful playground, isn’t it? Every day, we come across people who are pushing the boundaries of identity and self-expression. Sometimes manifest in cultural phenomena, often in new products and services, these #quirkytrends tell us so much about the underlying aspirations, insecurities, influences and interactions between individuals and societies.

    At ants, we are immersed in and on the constant lookout for the wild and the wonderful.

    So, what grabbed our attention this week?

    #1: Adivasi Haircare

    Adivasi HairCut
    Adivasi HairCut

    This long-haired gentleman, for starters.

    No more tearing your hair out! As we dig into our traditions and cultural roots and Ayurveda rises exponentially in popularity, Adivasi Herbal Hair oil has appeared as a panacea for all genders. The pandemic saw men embracing the hirsute look, so even as it became cool to be a Beardo user, Raichels Herbal Adivasi hair oil turned up on our WhatsApp feed, promising a transformation that would melt Shakaal's evil demeanour.

    for the benefit of GenZ and younger, Shakaal was an iconic villainous character played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda in the movie Shaan:


    Searches on Adivasi herbal oil, Adivasi oil, tribal hair up from September 2020- August 2021

    What does this tell us?

    Should we pack our bags and head out to the forests in search of those magic ingredients? The authenticity and roots story, with minimal harm, does have lots of takers amongst today’s health and wellness conscious shoppers.

    Ingredients apart, roots-based storytelling is gaining popularity. People want to know: Where does the stuff you sell come from? Is there a backstory? How can I be a part of it?

    Which led us to #tribalinfluencers – storytellers from India’s interiors.

    Aadiwasi Janjagruti is a network of 45 tribal youths across 200 villages in the interiors of Maharashtra’s Nandurbar district who use just their mobile phones and the power of hyperlocal news to script, enact, shoot, edit and upload sketches, short films and documentaries.

    From learning to narration, content in 2021 indeed has a grassroots connection.


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