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    "Who decided Kanye West should get a say in McDonald's branding?” - Twitterati

    Yeezy + The Golden Arches

    After Kanye West’s brief suspension on Instagram, he came back with a bang, announcing that he will be partnering with Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa to reimagine McDonald’s packaging.

    A tie-up that seems completely random. A pixelated slightly ominous photo of a concept design for McDonald's packaging takes a bleak approach to the restaurants' vibrant burger boxes. Safe to say the sneak peak has not gone down well with McDonalds' fans

    Do all brands need celebrity endorsements?

    • The simple answer to this question is no. Celebrity endorsement is just one method brands can use for promotions and branding.
    • It can help in getting immediate and fast traction but there are many brands that have done well without or with minimal celebrity endorsements.
    • Age-old brands like Fevicol and niche brands like Forest Essentials have gained large popularity and market shares within their respective industries without or with very few endorsements.

    Kanye’s collab announcement post (Source: Kanye West’s Instagram Page)

    Fevicol has made many iconic ads with no celebrities in them

    Do celebrity tie-ups always work?

    Remember the recent controversy surrounding three of the most prominent actors of India for endorsing a paan masala brand?

    That is an example that demonstrates that even with the biggest celebrities on board, things can backfire for the brand or even the celebrities.

    Ajay Devgn, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar in Vimal Elaichi ad

    Fresh Gai

    Ads between shorts - YouTube Shorts rolls out campaigns

    During Google Marketing Live, the company’s annual conference for advertising, Google announced that starting May 24, 2022, advertisers will be able to run ads on YouTube Shorts.

    These ads will allow making shorts more shoppable with the big Shop Now button at the bottom and the availability of a format where a product catalog can be added.

    Will YouTube Shorts Ads help brands?

    • As per new data reported by YouTube, shorts have been generating 30 billion views per day as of the first quarter of 2022.
    • With such a large viewership brands can increase their reach and visibility online and drive engagement, conversions, and sales via shorts ads.

    A shoppable Shorts ad

    Should brands invest in Shorts Ads?

    • While there is data that supports the monetisation of YouTube shorts, the question arises whether brands should use the platform for advertising with Instagram reel ads being a popular tool. After all, another platform means dividing or increasing digital ad spending.
    • YouTube is the social media platform with the second largest number of users worldwide after Facebook with nearly 2.6 billion users. That is 1 billion+ more users than there are on Instagram.
    • With such a difference in user bases, YouTube Shorts ads will unlock a wider target group for advertisers.
    • More importantly, shorts reach out to a more varied audience than reels. This will allow brands to tap into new audiences.

    Brainy Gai

    Support comes in for Web 3.0 developers.

    The popular gaming site Polygon just launched a fellowship program in India for Web3 developers.

    What is Web 3.0?

    Web 3.0 is the third version of the World Wide Web. This version is based on blockchain technology and, unlike the last two versions, will focus on creating a token-based economy and the concepts of decentralisation.

    Does Web 3.0 benefit creators and users?

    The concept of decentralisation that Web 3.0 is based on would mean that:

    • There will be no need for users to go through intermediaries like Facebook and Google to access Web 3.0
    • This should mean they will not be required to share their data with any intermediaries.
    • Most Web3 assets are created with open-source software used by an open and accessible community of developers.
    • Creators will be able to make and manage their own content without relying on centralised software and hardware.

    You should have ownership of your data (Image

    But is Web 3.0 all that it promises to be?

    • With decentralisation and a token economy, creators will be given another pathway to generate revenue through NFTs, social tokens, etc. With fans having the chance to invest in, buy or redeem tokens, even they can earn simultaneously.
    • But with the state of the digital and hardware infrastructure of India, it will take many years for all internet users to be able to access Web3 as it requires more advanced gadgets.
    • The bigger question, however, would be of regulation.
    • With no governing body or authority to keep a check on things, some analysts believe Web3 could lead to an increase in cybercrime.
    • The token economy will be heavily influenced by investors, VCs, and financiers who would have a much greater understanding of the market. At the end of the day, this would result in the domination of the market by such entities ultimately leading to another form of centralisation.

    NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club have become increasingly popular

    With the current state of the infrastructure and knowledge that a normal consumer has, Web3 still has a long way to go to establish itself in the Indian market.

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