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    McDonald's "No Judgement" Ad screams in pride

    During pride month, every other brand comes up with social media campaign celebrate every shade of love. This time McDonald's released a wholesome ad featuring members of the nation's largest Queer+ recreational sports league, LA's Varsity Gay League, and sponsoring two virtual events with LGBTQ+ media channel RevryTV to amplify queer voices.

    "No judgement," the famous newest commercial, features Varsity Gay League team members enjoying chicken nuggets together after a kickball game, during which players say, "Our friendships may have started on the field, but this is our happy place."

    The ad has become increasingly popular because of its easy marketing and beautiful messaging.

    What brands can learn from this pride ad

    1. Be a true ally

    In order to celebrate pride, one must learn its true essence and what it believes in. Brands need an approach that goes beyond their corporate boundaries of commercialisation.

    2. Include members of the community

    Inclusivity is the key! Show your support by engaging with members of the LGBTQ community. Working with diverse creators allows your brand to better reflect the world we live in while also demonstrating your commitment to amplifying marginalised voices beyond what may be considered more "palatable."

    3. Do the right marketing-

    The LGBTQ economy is expanding, and as a result, the landscape of pride marketing is changing. Instead of phoning it in, focus your marketing dollars on issues that are truly important to your customers. If you dare to zig when everyone else zags, you'll be more likely to hold our market's attention for months or years to come. Make members of the community part of your campaign, get sponsors who support this cause, and more.

    Brainy Gai

    Understanding why the McDonald’s campaign struck a chord

    Knowledge of audience

    Here are some ways you can get to know your audience better- Demographics Psychographics, online analytics, review mining, online conversations, and live interviews. In the McDonald’s ad, as we know, the primary audience is people of the LGBTQ community and allies. But that’s not it. Every pride ad they have released is different from the other. Here are some ads from their pride campaigns from across the world-

    McDonald’s Pride Ad in Taiwan

    McDonald’s Pride Ad, France

    No rainbow-washing

    Rainbow washing is when a business, conglomerate, or other for-profit organisation uses the rainbow Pride colours to suggest to consumers that they support the LGBTQI+ community without putting in actual effort or producing a tangible result for queer folk. In a nutshell, the LGBTQ+ element remains mere props in the brand's campaign and pure monetisation of the Pride flag. In the McDonald’s No Judgement ad, they try to go beyond rainbows and parades. Their motive is not to sell products but speak emotions.

    Tell a story

    One of the biggest reasons why McDonald’s ad surpasses every other rainbow theme marketing is because it speaks through emotions instead of just selling its product. The ad captures their perspectives and voices- they are unique and invaluable, reflecting a range of experiences.

    Quirky Gai

    Like Mcdonald's, some brands that won our hearts with fantastic pride campaigns.

    Everyone is awesome, Lego

    Simple, fun, and diverse! The Lego didn’t disappoint anyone with its creativity.

    Beyond the Rainbow, H&M

    B-Reel has developed a digital experience that lets anyone scan rainbow Pride flags — from actual flags to rainbow doughnuts, shampoo, teddy bears, clothing and everything in between. Once scanned, the viewer will be led #BeyondTheRainbow to a series of intimate, surprising, heartbreaking and joyful stories that let us feel what Pride really means. The fast-fashion company didn’t fail to be inclusive, tech-driven and emotional.

    Brands that went overboard with the Pride campaigning

    Brands Budweiser Pride Collection

    The Budweiser UK account tweeted photos of different bottles explicitly stylised for the various identities that comprise the LGBTQ community, such as bisexuals, pansexuals, and asexuals. Budweiser of America debuted a rainbow bottle collection.

    Dr Martens

    The brand could have recognised Pride Month without cheapening its goth cred. These shoes, among other Pride products, are available for $145 on the brand's site. But as one can see, not only just fashionably but also reasonably- they just don’t go!

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    So good to see the brands understanding all their consumer's behavior and including them in their communication. All the effort should make the human race a little more non judging.

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