One form of out-of-home advertising that never went out-of-vogue is billboards. Thanks to their size and placement, they just cannot be missed by those ‘on the move’. A very recent outdoor ad campaign that has been doing rounds of social media for its sheer brilliance swirled with simplicity is the Blinkit campaign.

The brand snappily used a few of the most famous Bollywood songs to promote some products like wafers, lime, potato, soda, etc. and won the viewer’s fancy. One couldn’t help but sing along!

A whopping 58% of passers-by generate word-of-mouth for a brand after seeing its roadside billboard.

This quantifier construes the effectiveness of billboards even when we are whizzing past them.

Let’s explore the latest in billboard advertising with Fresh Gai.


Timex bites the ‘Apple’

An example of bold minimalism is Timex's collaboration with a US clothing brand, Adsum. We know that the audience for analogue watches didn’t just vanish; all it needed was a slight tapping. Timex did just that with a one-liner zinger, friskily aimed at Apple.

Top Gun - Maverick trailer soaring high

A swell of nostalgia was induced when the 3D trailer of Top Gun: Maverick was displayed in the form of a billboard. The onlookers were left in awe of the trailer and couldn’t resist recording it.

Let’s use Brainy Gai's help to find what makes billboards so popular.


Billboard marketing is incredibly effective. A study states that 71% of people consciously look at billboards while driving. Some factors that make billboards such a powerful outdoor marketing tool are:

  • Always in sight - Not looking at large, eye-catching hoardings is next to impossible when driving past them. They are constantly available.
  • Minimum effort - TV, radio, print and social media - all require some effort on the part of the audience. With OOH, the viewers are exposed to the advertisement without making any effort to turn on a device, buy a publication or sign in.
  • Boost sales instantly - Billboard ads can influence and increase impulse purchases.
  • Freedom to choose the desired location - Billboards can be installed anywhere and everywhere, giving the brand the freedom to install one at a customised location to capture the attention of a large number of people.
  • Less is more - Because it has to be seen and comprehended by the audience quickly, it is imperative to be creative. A short, crisp, catchy one-liner can stay with the viewer for a long time.

Conventionally-popular brands like McD and Apple have made some persuasive OOH ads.

McDonald’s - Follow the Arches

McDonald's is a veteran advertiser who always gets marketing right. This example shows the brand’s courage to tweak its logo and cut it into four conspicuously clear road signs. This ‘less is more’ strategy in Canada made travellers think of no other fast food joint, but McD.

Apple - Shot On iPhone

Apple’s #ShotOniPhone started as a mere challenge in 2014, rolling out in the form of billboards, print ads and TV commercials. It has more than 26 million posts on Instagram alone. This is one of the most extensive user-generated campaigns of all time, being revived with every launch.

Seeing the other side with BBC

BBC ad shows us how to improvise and convert challenges into opportunities for presenting your message creatively and effectively. The below ‘Woman’ by BBDO New York for BBC World looks like a 3D ad without actually being one.

But what do you do when a client asks you about doing something cutting-edge with billboard ads? Let’s see if Quirky Gai’s insights inspire you.


From duh! to DOOH! (Digital Out of Home)

A bar set high for OOH hoardings was a Digital Out of Home ad by a real estate company, Shapoorji Pallonji, in Thane, India. It stunned the bystanders as it showed different ways to use a balcony - an idea that hadn’t been witnessed before in the country.

All that glitters

This glittery example was an intention of the Science World Museum, Canada put together in a ‘show, don’t tell’ format. The creative agency, Rethink glued 9,000 glass diamonds to communicate the idea that diamonds aren’t all that rare compared to many other gems.

Taking the leap

The client asked for something spectacular, and this campaign titled ‘Bridge Jump’ delivered on the brief. It was, in fact, such a success that the new smart BRABUS sold over 2000 units even before it was available with the automotive dealers.

Planning and conceptualising are integral to kicking off successful campaigns like the ones mentioned above.

Whatever the idea, a billboard provides ample space for marketers to stretch their creativity and make it an objet d'art.

Consider these types of billboard design opportunities to stand apart from the competition:

  • Bulletin boards
  • Painted billboards
  • Mobile billboards
  • 3D billboards

Don’t keep ‘em waiting!!