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    Have you said goodbye to your slumber to binge-watch Squid Games? You’re not alone! This South Korean drama became the biggest pop culture sensation of 2021 overnight. The internet became the main ground to the wildfire of the hype around the drama thriller as everybody had something to say about it. The craze around the giant doll from the show, frontman face masks, 067 jumpsuits has led to a surplus of #quirkytrends on the internet.

    From K-pop to K-beauty, the obsession with K-lifestyle accelerated the craze of Hallyu, aka 'The Korean wave' around the world. Let’s see what quirky K-trend has got us hooked this week!

    At ants, we are immersed in and on the constant lookout for the wild and the wonderful.

    Squid Games Candy

    Squid Games Candy aka Dalgona

    The talk of Tik Tok, the favourite hashtag of Twitter, Instagram’s sweetest obsession-Dalgona Candy, took over social media within a jiffy. Episode three of the show, The Man with the Umbrella, revolves around this sugary candy. Not only did it give us flashbacks back from the early days of the pandemic of Dalgona coffee, but it also sprung a plethora of trends online. Inspired by this, the toffee game effect on Instagram has more than 50k videos.

    Taking this obsession to the next level, there are hundreds of exciting recipes for this honeycomb candy. People have hopped on the bandwagon of addiction by uploading their videos of the recipes’ hit or miss. Another trend that emerged from this mix of sugar and baking soda is the famous carving challenge. Youtube is the home to thousands of people trying to chisel different shapes from the candy. In short, dalgona is back, in different shapes and sizes (pun intended!)

    Crimson Jumpsuits

    People across the globe are simping over Squid Game costumes! Be it the pink soldier overalls or green 067 tracksuit, the costumes inspired by the show have completely shadowed the Halloween spirit. You can get your own personalized outfit on websites like Amazon and Etsy. You can try making one at home as thousands of DIY videos of Squid Games costumes flood the internet. Put on a green tracksuit and a pair of white sneakers, and you’re ready to channelize your inner Seong Gi-hun. Fun fact- These costumes have been such a hit that they have driven up the sale of Vans’s slips by 7,800%. Not only outfits but also accessories, like the Frontman masks, are highlights of this hype. This is your chance to get into the main character energy, the Squid Games style.

    Why are we so quick to adapt to Korean culture?

    Is it quirky clothing? The cuisine? Choi Seung-Hyun’s smile? What made the world go k-razy for Korean culture? One of the main reasons Korean culture has taken over the globe with such zest and speed is its music. This online domination started with PSY’s Gangnam Style back in 2013, followed by the K-pop winning hearts of millennials and Gen-Z worldwide. Be it the catchy soundtracks of Korean dramas or the mix of traditional folk and western muse in K-pop’s music; we found ourselves hooked to the big K-wave! People find it remarkable, relatable, and even a great escape from their mundane lives. Korean culture keeps painting a dreamy picture of their world online, which leaves everyone in awe. This is how they create a significant impact on the minds of millennials and Gen-Z, who are ever so fascinated by the wonders of the K-world.

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    What's the next cool thing that comes from Korea?

    From Winter Sonata, 2002 Korean Drama to "Oh Oppa Gangnam Style" blasting in everyone’s earphones, the K-wave has gone through multitudes of changes, trends, and virals. Now we have Squid Games, which has got people's utmost attention. We’re in for a surprise because of the big K-wave of pop culture. You never know what’s next.

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