Emotions are at an all-time high when Diwali is around the corner. Everybody is cheerful, blissful, ecstatic, nostalgic - feeling all kinds of feelings!

With Diwali being one of the biggest festivals celebrated across faiths, all brands want to capture the true essence of this festival of lights and stand out with their respective campaigns to attract the attention of their existing audience while making space in the hearts of potential audiences.

One brand that has left a significant festive imprint in every corner of the country is Cadbury. The brand’s creative, emotionally appealing campaigns make us go to our local ‘Roshan Store’ before it is all sold out. They have made all festivals - Rakhi, Diwali, Bhai Dooj - as synonymous with “celebration” as Bisleri is with water.

Let’s see how Cadbury and other brands burst the cracker of emotions with Fresh Gai!


Cadbury’s #ShopsForShopless

Cadbury has managed to captivate and dazzle the crowd yet again with the best of two worlds - sentiments and digital innovation. The brand encourages sharing happiness through its Cadbury Celebrations pack backed with a QR code technology. A small act on the part of the common public can help set up a virtual store for the hawkers, bringing to light the campaign #ShopsForShopless.

Mute The World with JBL

JBL tries to tickle the funny bone with its brand-new campaign, ‘Diwali Sounds Better On JBL’ . They have fabulously promoted various products in one ad, asking you to mute the world and unmute the festivities.

Let’s explore the evergreen ingredient of successful campaigns with Brainy Gai!


When thinking of Diwali, what comes to mind? Diyas, candles, rangoli, sweets, fireworks, but what is missing is the ghar wali feeling! Diwali makes you miss home like nothing else! Brands tap into the warm and fuzzy feeling associated with the occasion and build a connection with their audience.

Brand experts believe that an advertisement that is partially focused on ‘emotional content’, as opposed to ‘rational content’, was twice as effective (31% to 16%) and content which was entirely focused on emotions, as opposed to a partially focused advert did even better (31% to 26%).*

An effective marketing strategy relies on emotional content around feelings like happiness, friendship, and inspiration to make the consumer feel attached to the brand.

Diwali or no Diwali, an advertising concept based on EQ, reinforces the brand’s bond with consumers. The products are stitched into the narrative so seamlessly and flawlessly that the viewer gets engrossed in the storytelling!

HP’s Diye Se Diya Jalao

HP is a brand that has always tried to encapsulate the notion of brightening someone else’s Diwali with the resources (an HP product) one has. It brings out the product’s ease of use without making it the highlight of the ad.

Axis Bank’s #PauseTheBargain

Some ads capture the emotions so beautifully that there should be disclaimers that they may leave you teary-eyed (consider bawling for the easily-touched ones).

This ad records our nation's journey from Independence to the 2020’s lockdown and the bitter-sweet relationship small businesses have with the act of bargaining. The expression on the business owner’s face at the end is priceless!

Amazon’s #DeliverTheLove

Touted as the ‘Outstanding Diwali ad film by Amazon India’ on Twitter, this ad was praised for its concept and execution. It hit the right spot while impressively conveying the significance of ‘delivering the love’.

Let’s wipe those eyes and look at Quirky Gai’s funny finds this week!


Durex’s Diwali

The one brand that genuinely defines ‘quirky’ is Durex. The brand has always relied on the use of subtle sensual innuendoes and quirky social media campaigns like #WhySoBoring to promote the message of safe sex. It never misses an opportunity to play with words or ideas, just like the ones below:

Paisa Bazaar’s Soan Papdi Edition

Soan Papdi - love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it! Just like in this social media post by Paisa Bazaar.

This ‘official Diwali gift’ is witnessed as the ‘passing the parcel’ mithai every year amongst relatives and friends.

Nykaa’s - #TuKhoobSaj

From the wording to the quirky background music of Nykaa’s Diwali campaign video, a carefree wave is sprinkled on the viewer’s face to snag their attention. It also induced a feeling of freedom and inclusivity, as all women could wear whatever they wished. The video earned affirmative responses:

“A wonderful celebration of women, colour and style.”

“Makeup is to beautify, not to hide.”

If you haven’t figured out a Diwali campaign for your brand, then this is your sign to do it NOW!

Also, since it is Diwali, here’s a friendly reminder!

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Sai Krishna2022-10-20

This is a nice recap of the festive communication. Despite having limited window of opportunity, in terms of "something creative" and "something thats not done", brands do come up with content that makes one pause for a moment :)

Archana Arora2022-10-20

In a sea of content, the best told stories that are both written and presented well, will get the attention. Festivals are also a time when consumers are more receptive, more ready and it's so great to know how brands connect with what they stand for or care about. Some pick safety while others talk about including all but the ones that tell the story well also report the best numbers.

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